The Spectrum of Monsters

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If Katrina does nothing else, it had BETTER make a HUGE dent in the way Americans receive and deal with our poor, our differences, and the responsibilities of our government, culture, and cities.

I was physically sick after watching all of the hurricane coverage, learning little by little about the atrocities inflicted on humans BY humans, far outweighing the natural disaster. Oprah’s coverage was surprisingly the most educational and effective in bringing together the issues that range from the horror of the disaster to the horror of the fucking monsters who held a city hostage to the horrors resulting from the neglect of authorities in our country.

When I wrote the other day in my blog about the “entitlement” issue among the poor and particularly the Black community, I was writing about a very small percentage, but that small percentage has always pissed me off. Racist Skinheads (the real ones, the hateful, violent ones who would kill me in a second for being gay) are the small-percentage White version of this very same thing and they are the Monsters among my Race. I hope we never have to find out if they would turn on their own Race and rape children, murder families, and steal from poorer people in the midst of a disaster just to wield some kind of sickening sense of entitlement and power.

Fucking monsters.

The fact that those monsters lived in and among the population in such numbers is terrifying. They were there the whole time, either performing the same atrocities or barely holding back! God, that is so scary to me. I don’t know why, but it’s scary and it pisses me off.

Regardless of the above, when I wrote the other day, I had not truly grasped the level of neglect from our government toward our people. I believe we OFFICIALLY have the worst government in history at this point! George Bush’s FIRST RESPONSE was to take care of his OIL BUDDIES??? WHAT THE FUCK!!?? That man is a sociopathic monster who transcends the brutality of the fuckers who took down New Orleans. The fact that RUMSFELD responded to the reports of looting, rapes, and murder with “things happen” is just unforgivable.

How can you expect much of the American Culture when you have monsters running the country! At first, I made every excuse in the book for this poor handling of a major disaster, but now that more information has been able to be secured and confirmed, I am totally, utterly, vomitously willing to accept that our government ACTIVELY neglected its responsibility. I truly didn’t know the extent to which it SHOULD have been responsible, nor the extent to which it DELAYED its responsibilities! After I learned that GEORGE BUSH’s immediate response upon learning the extent of the disaster was to oversecure his Oil Buddies (which was ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY), it became clearer than ever that there is no hope for any progress in America while the Bush Administration is in power.

Yes… I never expected to say this with even MORE emphasis than during the last two falsified elections, but I AM TRULY EMBARRASSED to be American. I am sick to death of feeling like that. No, I don’t want to live anywhere else in the world, but I am sick to DEATH of this shit.

We had better learn something FAST as a people or we are just not going to make it.

4 thoughts on “The Spectrum of Monsters”

  1. White Monsters who murder children have already walked among us and we have already seen their work demonstrated with breathtaking clarity. I give you: Oklahoma City.

  2. To ETHEREAL_LAD: that was the most convincing article supporting the Racial Negligence angle! Very thought-provoking. I am going to create an entry just for it!

    To JANE DOE: don’t EVEN get me started on the whole Oklahoma City mess. The lack of evidence to convict that guy, the scenarios and warnings and reports leading up to the event… there was something far sinister and insidious at work there. Not just a wild-eyed whitey.

  3. Oh, don’t get me wrong, CB – I believe Tim McVeigh was a puppet of much larger masters — have you read Gore Vidal on Tim McVeigh? — but Oklahoma City was indeed a monstrous crime perpetrated by fundamentalist non-muslim type of folk.

    Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist, sorta.

    PS, I just figured out how to use the comment spam block thingie!!!

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