That’s That

Reading time: < 1 minute Never mind. My lastest bile about X still stands. Turns out… he’s even worse than I ever imagined. I feel extremely dirty now for ever having touched him.

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  1. Hi Troy,
    I think you should go back and reread some of your posts from last month. You had a lot of important observations in those posts that I think you may have forgotten in the midst of your life’s upheaval. Breakups are never easy, but YOU of all people should know that something better will come from all this.

    What did M have to say about your monad w/ X? Could he offer wise words like he does for the rest of us for you? Words that might inspire some hopeful feelings and relief that you are moving ahead into a life you choose and design? Hey, do you think you are going thru your midlife crisis right about now? In any case, I hope you get your proverbial shit together and get the 7paths site back up. :) Keep busy and stay strong. You’ll be hearing from my via email one of these days but I wanted to let you know I care.

  2. Thanks, Perrine. As usual, I already know how to see and take the high road, but this is a record of how I have had to vomit out the darker stuff so I can get to some clarity.

    As for asking Michael, I will eventually do that, but after years and years of working with them, I have learned how to figure things out on my own, first, and then I might ask for insights to flesh out the bigger picture.

    The site will be up VERY soon!

  3. “The Truth?” Ummm, well, the truth isn’t that complicated in this situation:

    My X dumped me without warning, without discussion, without any choice, and he did it through the internet and he chose never to deal directly with me again.

    It’s that simple.

    All of the rest of my words are just my feelings and that’s pretty obvious. And I don’t apologize for them, either. I am a real human being with feelings and multidimensional reality; not some one-dimensional experiment that was going to so easily be tossed into a trash can.

    My FEELINGS are all I am left with when the person I love turns his back and refuses contact, and refuses intelligent, mature dialogue.

    So the truth is the truth, and that includes my feelings, which may change over time, but for now, my X is a bullying piece of bullshit.

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