Witness to a "Wilding"

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Okayyyyy… I guess I am on a horrifying dream kick:

Dreamt that I was in “my” bedroom (even though I didn’t recognize it) and was able to watch on a closed circuit tv a playground that was a part of my apartment complex. I was getting ready for bed and getting all cozy when I saw two guys saunter down to a swing set on the playground. The way they were walking was too “friendly” for these guys to be straight, so this caught my eye. In the dreamworld, I was, I think, in a life where being openly gay was not cool for me or anyone I knew, or I think I was still a kid, like, in High School? Anyway, one guy got on the swing and the other pulled him really far back to let him go… to swing. I could tell they were laughing and having fun, and at one point the guy standing sort of stumbled into the swinging guy and got tangled up playfully. I could tell they started, then, kissing. Suddenly, dust started kicking up from the hill above them and all around them as a pack of guys swarmed and closed in on the two. It was animalistic and violent and enraged. The two guys were pulled from each other and each began to be beaten and kicked. It was so nightmarish to see this on the greenish screen of the CC TV, knowing that it was happening right near me in the playground of my complex. Then I heard gunshots and flinched. Those I could hear from my window, not from the TV. Immediately I was disembodied and on the playground, helplessly watching these two guys be beaten. It was clear that the intent was to kill them, not just scare or harm them. The hate and violence was sickening as now I could see that the killers were stomping on the chests and heads of the two boyfriends. One of them had been stomped so much that he was separating down his abdomen! Seriously fucked up dream. They were both dead. I was then catapulted back into my bedroom just as my mother came through my bedroom door to make sure I was okay. That’s when I realized I was actually Black. My mother was someone I didn’t recognize, even though I did, if you know what I mean… and she was Black. All of the kids who had killed the boyfriends were Black, too. The boyfriends were Black, too. I then realized I was living in a housing project and that I had just witnessed a “wilding.”

A “Wilding” is a proud term used primarily by a gang of guys who swarm a random person on the street and beat him to death, or near death, “just for fun.”

It’s a terrifying prospect and I’m sure I dreamt this (and the previous dream) PARTIALLY because of the New Orleans hurricane and ensuing violence among the people.

Still… very ugly and upsetting dream.

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  1. This is uncannily strange as the dream that you had happened to me in ‘real life’ while I was living in Williamsburg back in January of 2003. I was walking home from the L train after work one night (just like any other). I was a half-block from my apt (I had been there for six years) when three guys jumped me and beat me to a bloody pulp. They happened to be Latino or Blatino or whatever…It was never determined if it was a ‘wilding’ incident or biased or whatever…the cops were very lackluster with the whole thing. Don’t even get me started about going to Woodhull Hospital (avoid it at all costs!). Williamsburg is cool and all, but watch out…This was, actually, the second thing that happened to me there. I had gotten mugged at gunpoint before this and have exchanged multiple ‘war stories’ with other people from BillyBurg since then.

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