It’s ONLY a blazing fire

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So continue my series of bad dreams of late:

Dreamt I was walking over to someone’s apartment to pick him or her up, but as I walked toward the apartment complex, which was “the projects” again, as in a couple of dreams ago, I saw that there was a massive fire on the top floors. Solid rolls of orange and black pushed up and out of all of the very large windows and I remember thinking that was where I was supposed to go. I saw that part of the front of the building had collapsed across the span of the upper burning stories, exposing a stairwell where two women were struggling to descend. After my brief glimpse of them through the collapsed wall, they descended far enough that they were then behind the wall, but climbed out the window of the stairwell and onto the fire escape. I remember thinking that was such a bad idea because the top levels of the fire escape had already fallen when the walls from the stories above had collapsed.

I stood, gawking at this fire when the person I had been intending to meet was seen walking toward me, dragging a suitcase. He or She said everything was fine; made some flippant remarks about “dealing with this, later” and motioned for us to get going. That’s when I realized that even as the building’s fire spread and clearly escalated, people were walking around completely oblivious and unaffected.


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  1. Well, safe to say your first commentor isn’t jewish. Vey iz mir.

    Could it be that the fire represents worries that you yourself have, or perhaps a criticism of yourself which you think glaringly apparent to everyone else, which is in fact not? We are our own worst critics.

    Dreams fascinate me, and I am myself a very, very lucid dreamer.

    PS: do you have a Brooklynish accent?

  2. Troy,

    I have been thinking about your dreams…

    I believe you may be dreaming about “projects” because these dreams have something to do with a life task since a life task is a sort of “project” for this lifetime.

    You may believe that all your plans have gone up in smoke, you may have found them frightening, overwhelming, etc… You may also have a tendency of standing back and watching things happen to you in your life rather than participating fully…. however…

    Even if the building starts collapsing around you, even if the flames completely engulf the building in your life, even if it looks as if there is no possible escape, you will notice that in your dream the people are safe, in the dream the person you want to meet up/find/connect with, etc… is perfectly fine, not concerned, totally whole… and carrying a suitcase with them of everything they need for their journey to start a new life… to move on with their life.

    Basically I get the feeling that you have been overly concerned about things that will all work out in the end.

    You need to stop focusing on them…. deal with them later… as she says in the dream… and just get going… do what you are supposed to do, move on baby… move on.

    So, perhaps you have been escalating the situation in your mind, making a bigger deal out of some of this stuff, hyperfocusing on it – even when the way out is available if you choose to take it.

    Some of this stuff can be dealt with later… and yes I know I said earlier that you need to just experience the emotion…. rather than talk about what has been happening…

    But both of these dreams talk about taking action, doing something, taking action, moving on.

    Everything will be okay… your life isn’t falling a part.

    It also occurred to me that although the person in your dream my be just another part of you – like raising up out of a fire like a Phoenix……it could also be a guide or something in your life who is going to help you move on – to begin a new journey, a new point in time in your life. It is up to you to know in your inner heart which this is.

    Be open, be aware, and watchful… things will work out. They are meant to work out.

    After all, you are a wonderful, loving soul, you are here to learn lessons in this lifetime that you planned before you were born… and oftentimes the painful experiences we experience are those very things we planned in advance.

    Did you ever see the movie Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon? There is an interesting scene in this movie that reminds me of this topic.

    She is all set to marry one man.. but has to divorce another before doing so…. she is determined to get that divorce finalized… but in the end she herself forgets to sign the divorce papers… and the lawyer shows up at the wedding for the next husband telling her she isn’t legally divorced yet… and she can’t marry him. She decides in that moment that she wants to be with her 1st husband instead. And the boy friend, having just been dumped at the altar, looks at her directly and says “So this is what that feels like.”

    That line… reminds me so much of what we are doing here, as sparks of the Tao, experiencing different things, making plans to learn what this feels like, what that feels like. When I saw that scene, I just felt an opening up inside of me. A light turned on.

    Not everything we experience in this lifetime is just an accident. Sometimes we set ourselves up in a situation just to learn what it feels like.

    So take heart, and know that this is probably just a life task for you…. something you planned to experience in this lifetime… and learn from that, grow from that, and then move on to the next experience, the next lesson, the next project. Sitting in the ashes of a former life is a waste of time, when there is so much more out there to learn, love, and enjoy in life.

    I enjoy reading your blog… and have added it to my “MY YAHOO” page and will watch for updates.

    Big Hug to you Troy!


  3. To Ariel1980:

    Noop; I have an accent that is so far from “Brooklyn” it isn’t funny. I lived in North Carolina for a while and in that short amount of time, I picked up a soft, southern accent that I cannot seem to shake. Uggh.

    To IreneJ:
    I love your blog! Of course you can link to mine!

    To the Anonymous One(s): Thanks for the links! Creepy is the first one, and WONDERFUL is the second one!

    To Abimn: All I can say is WOW. I am so glad to have your insight! Thanks for all of that time and energy to bring clarity to my underworld! THANKS!

    You guys are GREAT!!!

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