Open Casket

Reading time: < 1 minute Dreams are settling down again, thank goodness, but last night's was another oddity: All I remember was discovering that a community of people had discovered that several of their dead had never actually been buried. Construction was being done in the local graveyard and many of the coffins were busted open and lying around, EMPTY. I remember seeing the name of two of the coffins/grave sites, but now I can’t remember exactly who they were. For some reason, I think I saw the name, “Phillip.” When a few of the people standing around started asking what could have happened that the bodies were never buried, the response from those doing construction was, “Ahhh, what’s the big deal! Just get a new coffin and bury THAT.”




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  2. I know no one with a car. The concept of having a car is so strange to me. At least in NYC.

    But for those who do drive here, I imagine this book would be a godsend.


  3. Dear Troy,

    Interesting dream… have also been mulling over the robot dream for some time as well… need more time on that one… it is too loaded with symbolism.

    Now this dream… seems to be about letting go. Let the dead be dead… burying something… letting it die… and not digging it back up.

    Somewhere in your life you are digging back up the dead… something you have tried to put aside in your life… and it has snuck out of the box… out of grave… and has come back to haunt you. And you may pretend to bury it again… but you really aren’t… it is just a show… because you are burying an empty coffin… just giving the appearance of letting go of something…. and not truly letting it die in your life.

    In order to have the birth of something new in our lives, we must bury the past….

    I do have a question… the robot dream… just happens to have you bashing in the head of blonde woman. One thing struck me when reading about head bashing in a dream dictionary on line… that a headbasher is someone who uses drugs… and it got me wondering whether the robot dream… and perhaps this dream too were related to possible chemical abuse in your life. Both of these dreams could be connected to that topic… if there is any such reliance or abuse of chemicals, whether RX meds or otherwise.

    If there has been a reliance on substances that has resurfaced, I guess your subconscious knows you aren’t fooling anyone… especially yourself.

    Just wondering…. I was curious…

    Because the robot dream is all about fear of being found out… discovered to be something you aren’t… or being discovered as being only human…. and being terrified that something or someone will betray you… expose you, etc….

    Anything about what has been going on in your life recently regarding this… would be helpful in interpreting the dream… a life situation… etc…

    I hope to hear more from you,

    Love, Energy, and Truth… :)


  4. to abimn:

    This is just one of the best highlights of my day, reading your responses to my dreams! Again, thank you!!

    Okay, as for drugs, no… unfortunately, I do no recreational drugs beyond the average cocktail or Aleve (post-cocktail). LOL! I have no idea why, and seriously, this is not a moral stance, but I have just never had any interest in drugs. There are two reasons why, I think:

    One: that I already feel I am way out there and high, and I love that feeling so much, I think doing drugs may interfere with that feeling. I know some people use drugs to GET that feeling, so I have always been worried that the risk was too much to ruin the high I am already on by doing some kind of chemical blow to my system. Almost like, drugs would be a downer for me.

    Two: everyone I have ever known who did drugs was just frickin’ boring OR their excited tales of drug use just sounded far less exciting than what I was already experiencing.

    I have a good thing going with this loony personality I created, so I’m just fine without the enhancements.

    Actually, you could throw in a third reason: God Help The World that has a Drugged Up Troy in it! LOL!

    Okay, the rest of your interpretations are very insightful! I love the issue of being “found out,” “betrayed,” or “being human.” So true. I think all of this ties into my horrible, HORRIBLE business skills and my inability to properly execute everything I ideally intend to do. It also ties into the fact that I am in a constant position of support for others and I never give myself permission to just fucking BREAK DOWN and say, I JUST CAN’T DO IT, or I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT! So I walk around, glazed, but functioning at a pretty high level, taking on even more. I’ve always been terrified of the fact that it may be true that I just can’t do everything I want to do for everyone.

    Ohhhhh…. Superman…. (in my best Laurie Anderson electro-voice)

    oh, and don’t even get me started about the dead and buried thing… I am totally in the middle of processing the most amazing experience of my life: 3 “generation” of boyfriends right in my face, under my nose, and directly in my life.

    My most recent ex who dumped me through INSTANT MESSENGER after almost a year of the best relationship I had ever had, never to speak or contact me again. To be honest, I am okay with this, but I am still reeling and probably still in shock.

    My next-most-recent-ex all cozy and intimate in my life as a best friend whom I have YET to forgive for dumping me TWICE within a week, after convincing me that we should stay together. After dumping me, we continue to this day doing everything we did as a couple; not sex, of course, but EVERYTHING else, because our relationship was such a friendship in the first place. But now I get the luxury of watching him seek and find his replacement for me in the position that he took away from me. It’s not going well.

    And then, my long-ago-ex-now-become-my-best-friend-too has moved into my home with Cyprus and me. Now, granted, the charge around that relationship is totally gone and what’s left is really wonderful, but it’s just strange to have this directly in my life right now because it completes the circle of experience of my cycle of being pursued, mated, dumped, and then made best friend.

    Every one of these guys represents a point on that cycle. It’s heavy to process that right now, but it’s also fascinating.

    The dead has definitely risen…


  5. Troy,

    I am so glad you found it helpful! And relieved that there was nothing related to drugs!

    Check your new email account… if I sent it to the right address, you should have something I picked up from for your personal horoscope related to some of this. I think you might find it interesting as it relates to all of this.


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