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Wow, I had another odd dream. Surprise. I’ve actually had a few, but now that I am here, the intensity and certainty of my remembering those dreams is gone. Isn’t that weird how you can have a dream and be absolutely sure that you will remember it, but within hours, or even minutes, the memory is gone or fading rapidly. That’s the way it is when I channel, too. While in trance, it seems I can “hear” and I am thoroughly aware of the conversations that are happening around me, but as soon as I come out of the trance, the experience and memory begins to fade rapidly.

So I’d better get this one down:

Dreamt that I came upon the back of woman whose back was exposed. I took out a razor blade and began carving a design in her back. This wasn’t an attack, but something she had expected, apparently. I remember being a little freaked out that it was happening, but she was very comfortable and even eager about what I was doing. I carved a straight line down her back, from nape to about the middle of the back, and then, on each side of this straight line, I pulled the razor down to carve a parallel line that would then curve away from the middle line; like this:I did this somehow so that she bled very little, considering what I was doing. I awoke with a strong sense that the symbol was important. In my dream, the symbol was much more perfectly curved and drawn.


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  1. Hi Troy,
    I’ve been reading your blog to check on your dreams. This one about scarification seemed to be a ritual that you were performing on this willing woman. Do you remember anything else about her? In many tribes, scarification can be done as a ritual for menses, birth, marriage. Perhaps you were a medicine man or shaman in this dream, a person of high importance who was entrusted with the cutting. Wish I could have found a pic of that cutting to relate it to a tribe, but no avail. Keep us wondering, eh!?

  2. Looks like a tree (at least symbolic of roots and trunk). Guess that could be what I see because I’m working on a drawing for a tattoo on my back… of a tree.

    You have the coolest dreams!

  3. Today I was watching a documentary about the plight of cetaceans and the effects of sonar, and suddenly I saw the pattern from my dream! It was a pattern on the underbelly of the Blue Whales! I don’t know if the dream and the whale belly pattern is connected, but it was interesting to ponder.

  4. Troy,

    Fascinating about the Blue Whale! There could be a connection yes… because it could just be a premonition – that you would be seeing that film.

    The thing to do is to look up the Blue Whale with regarding to Totems… find out the lessons of the Blue Whale…

    These sites have interesting comments….

    and I think it is good Michael question – as these are sentient beings like humans are… and Michael may know why you are dreaming about them.

    When I saw the design it reminded me of a volcano – but this sort of thing can be similar to seeing an ink blot…. i see the thing that speaks to me, not necessarily that speaks to you. A volcano would have to do with lots of built up anger that has starting coming out. I see a volcano that is drippling down the sides rather than exploding… it is sort of oozing from it….

    The question I have… is what did you think it looked like originally… before hearing what other people think and what you thought it look like before seeing the whales in the film?

    I read on one dream site that designs in dreams can be interpreted as to what the design looks like, like a tatoo for instance… and the scarification is the same sort of thing.

    Do you recall what you first thought of after drawing it?

    Gee… this reminds me of movie Close Encounters!! The main character goes crazy with the image of that mountain until he finally finds it in real life…

    Sorry I can’t be more insightful on this one…

    It is interesting that you dream of a woman again… your feminine side…

    You felt the symbol was important when you woke… so it is worth thinking about and looking into.

    Scarification is a coming of age rite in many cultures…. and perhaps you are reaching a time in your life where your abilities as a psychic and channel will greatly increase and blossom. It is your feminine side here that has been very important in your dreams lately…. that would be in the intuitive part of you…. also pointing to psychic ability.

    Going through this rite may be painful, but you won’t bleed badly… it isn’t anything that you can’t live with… but some scars may remain… and you will remember this period of your life because of it.

    Just some further thoughts that came to me…


  5. Oh… to clarify… I make the connection between the coming of age rite and being psychic because of the meaning of the blue whale totem.


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