A Foot in Two Worlds

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I have so much more to write about than this, but I have GOT to get my work caught up or I am a dead duck…

Dreamt last night about two names that would be very important to me:

“Clifford F. B.” and I can’t remember the other now! Accck! The odd thing is that the F in the Clifford name was pronounced “FEE,” so that the name sounded like, “Clifford Phoebe.”

I did a search for Clifford F. B. and nothing came up, except that there are lists of names that happen to end with Clifford and begin with F. B. (such as R. L. Clifford, F. B. Kline). More interesting was the fact that Clifford Phoebe brought up TONS of results for THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES, wherein two of the main characters are Clifford and Phoebe. Clifford was a completely misunderstood, framed, and inappropriately punished individual, while Phoebe was an innocent, new, young energy brought into the house just as Clifford was returning from his wrongful imprisonment of many, many years. Clifford, frail and old and slightly crazy, found solace and longing in the presence of the youthful, embracing Phoebe. With yet another attack against Clifford, he had to run off into the world to try to hide from the accusations that he killed yet another man (a relative who had died of natural causes). Exhausted and surrendering, Clifford returns home anyway and finds that the evidence does not stand against him and that he is the inheritor of this relative’s estate! Clifford and Phoebe live happily ever after! (pretty much)

I have never read this book, so I don’t know if it is relevant, but it’s interesting to ponder… as was my realization that the scarification dream symbol can be found on the underbelly of the Blue Whale!

Who knows…

Well, probably Abimn!



2 thoughts on “A Foot in Two Worlds”

  1. Troy,

    You are getting just a bit lazy with your conscious mind… but your subconscious is overflowing with stuff… and it is right under your nose.

    That book is exactly what you needed, and your dream about Clifford F.B. got you there.

    Just the highlights from the story you provide shows a lot of what is going on… what you are identifying with because you choose certain words to describe the book…. or at least choose the parts even copy/pasted that really spoke to you.

    Completely misunderstood
    Inappropriately punished
    Wrongfully imprisoned
    Slightly crazy

    The end of the book… everyone lives happily ever after, that the truth is found out, the evidence doesn’t stand again you…. sounds like a nice ending…

    To me, the dream is telling that everything is going to be okay, things will work out – even if it doesn’t look like it now. Given time, things will come together for you. And you will find happiness.

    You can have wakeful dream states -where the subconscious speaks to you through images you see while you are awake, such as watching a film, reading a book, listening to the radio, seeing an image like on a t-shirt. All of these can be a source of inspiration.

    The point is to be open to any image that strikes you in an unusual way. If you find yourself mesmerized by it… that is a sign that your subconscious is trying to say something to you. Think on that thing… it will eventually come to your conscious mind… and if not, the subconscious will have tucked it away to help you in some way you might not even be aware of.



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