Needless to say…

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Okay, yeah, I have my vices:

near-weekly cocktails
social addiction to people
insatiable appetite for most-excellent music


Yes, T.V.

I know it’s so uncool and shameful to like T.V., but I do. In the past few years Television has exploded into something that satisfies a spectrum of needs inside me, ranging from controversial insights to political retaliation to intelligent drama to intelligent comedy to just plain, mindless entertainment. This wasn’t always the case, but I do believe I’ve always had a soft-spot for T.V. since a huge portion of my creativity was generated from the characters with whom I grew up; I mean, hello:


How amazing was it for me to be running from and/or befriending dinosaurs in my own back yard?!! My god, the Sleestacks!

Need I say more…

Hello! She was SO much more exciting to me than Wonder Woman. The Bionic Woman was someone who was just an average gal who was thrown into extraordinary circumstances and I could relate far more to that, I guess. Wonder Woman had a huge race of people to support her, had an arsenal of outlandish tools to use to enhance her, but Bionic Woman,… what’d she have? Just a good set of legs, one good arm, and one good ear. They were REALLY good, but that’s all she had. AND she was pretty, but just average pretty. I remember jumping off of Monkey Bars on the playground, all the while hearing that slow-motion sound and moving as slowly as I could from a squat position, then powerfully up into a leaping position,… all to simulate a Bionic jump, of course, plummeting to the ground shortly after. But still… for a second, I could fly. You know, to this day, I am still mesmerized by Lindsay Wagner. If I had the money, I’d buy a Sleep-Number bed, dammit!

And yes, Bewitched was for me; not I Dream of Jeannie. Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) was an extraordinary person trying her best to accommodate a less-than-extraordinary world. I related to this not so much because of the skew between how different I felt vs how everything else seemed SAME, but that she LOVED THAT WORLD of SAMENESS. She didn’t find her extraordinary powers to be an excuse for her not living like everyone else. Because of her sense of the extraordinary, her appreciation of the mundane was keen. This was beautiful to me and I grew up with this sense of awe in the simplest of things, as well as discovering that EVERYONE is extraordinary; it’s not an exclusive reality.

Okay, so the point of this post was to say… needless to say,… my modern Bionic Woman, Bewitched, I guess, is Sydney Bristow (ALIAS) these days:

So,… needless to say,… THIS is not good news.

As much as I love T.V., as soon as I love a show or character, they yank it from the airwaves.


4 thoughts on “Needless to say…”

  1. I loved “Land of the Lost” too! I used to play it w/ my friends on my block when I was little. There were a few imaginary dinosaurs that would chase us up the street, and we’d live/hide in my friends garage (a/k/a “the cave”).

    I’m very upset about that news about “Alias.” I love that show, and I’m so glad you & Cyprus introduced me to it! It’s really one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

    At least we still have “Starting Over”…

  2. Marshall, Will and Holly
    On a routine expedition
    Met the greaaaaatest earthquake
    ever known

    Hiiiiigh on a mountain
    It struck their tiny raft
    And plunged them down
    A Thousand feet below…..

    To the lannnnnnd of the loooost

  3. My new favorite TV show is called Related. Wonderful new show about a family of four sisters, a father, and new stepmom (dad is engaged to be wed shortly).

    The girls are all so sweet… and one of them, the eldest, reminds me very much of THAT GIRL, Marlow Thomas. They have some of the best interaction on TV.. and if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look. It is bound to be big hit.

    I understand how you feel about losing Alias if it happens.

    I was bummed when they dropped Miss Match. I was bummed when they dropped Princes of Malibu.

    Sometimes a show can be really good and just not get ratings, so it goes down the tube. I have no idea why those shows got dropped… and also don’t know what happened to American Dreams… it just sort of faded off into the sunset.

    I loved both Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie….. I grew up with them. I can’t tell you how often as a child I wished I was a witch or a genie… thought it was so cool to do magic like them.

    Now I wonder whether such things happen in a parallel universe and that is why we find them so fascinating here.


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