Blogger?! I don’t even know her!

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Yet another fellow blogger has joined the fold of New York City and I was honored to meet him last night! YAY!

Actually, he has RE-joined the fold of New York City, and from how it sounds, he’s learned his lesson, too: There is NOWHERE on Earth like New York City and it’s just not worth leaving here. I don’t know if he would TOTALLY agree with that statement, but I think there is some common ground in it.

My other fellow blogger-become-New-Yorker (and yet another New York RETURNEE) has basically become consumed by the demands of that return and we have yet to meet. I think he’s been here the better part of the year, too! Of course, there’s more to why we haven’t met, but that’s on the mend. Time and effort do wonders. If you recall, there were sudden cardiac complications with that relationship at one point, so I think we are both still quite tentative. I think we might really like each other a LOT, but we also know that our time together would probably be doomed to a fatal explosion in a very inappropriate venue. I mean, he even REMOVED me from his links! In BlogWorld, that’s some serious shit. But hey, I roll with the punches…

It’s weird to really like (and care about) people who are SO completely different from you, to the point of potentially violating your very core. I love that experience.

I think I’ve always found it easy to enjoy the result of a person and not be hung up about his or her chosen ingredients. Ultimately, a person might not TASTE that great, (or have that great of Taste, LOL) but hey, I don’t have to eat the person; just enjoy the presence and ultimate result.

Okay, did my metaphor just go all awry and gross?

It’s surprisingly common for me to be acquaintances/friends with die-hard Republicans; boys who dump me; anti-gay-homophobic men; fur-wearing women; carnivorous, anti-spiritual, cynical people; complicated, mopey, conflicted people without the capability to have fun; and even some who actually hate me. Yeah! They can be my friends, too!

Believe me, it’s a much more beautiful world when even Hate is seen as just a PART of a relationship and NOT the entirety of it. Besides, Hate is extremely intimate. Hate isn’t the opposite of Love; it’s her sister.

I’ve either developed a real capacity for acceptance and genuine love, or I am just plain masochistic. Or maybe those things aren’t mutually exclusive?

The truth is, I am sure I make room for all of these differences because they are what make people individuals and I hold that as far more precious than protecting my comfort levels. Besides, to assume I had a right to filter out every person who was “different” from me would really limit my world and contribute to the divide that most people so thoughtlessly help generate every day. And in the end, maybe… just MAYBE… someone will stretch a bit for me and love me… just the way I am.



For your birthday, you are back into my blog links! What the hell… it’s all good, right.


6 thoughts on “Blogger?! I don’t even know her!”

  1. I love the title. Do you ever head to the New Escuelita or Krash? I haven’t gone since kRASH went to the city. PS. PJ is cute!

  2. Yeah, PJ is cute. He has to hear that kind of assault all the time, I am sure. Pooorr thing.

    As for Krash and New Escuelita, I have only been to Krash, and only once. We were the only geeky white people there, and yes, we were gawked at like we were potentially, suspiciously, invading territory, but everyone was really nice, actually, even if they kept their distance. The interesting part of that night is that when we walked up and they told us how much the cover was, we turned to leave because it was like $20 or something and I was like, but we are in QUEENS, hello! As we walked away there was a lot of commotion and yelling for us to come back, and I thought they wanted to insult us for being so cheap, but they actually extended an invitation for us to come in FREE! So, we did! And we had a pretty good time a boogyin’! I think the locals became really nervous as I broke out in my Chicken Robot Dance moves.



  3. Are y’all taling about Krash in Astoria? I was actually there once, in the mid nineties. I felt preposterously out of place, but was impressed that such a gathering could assemble itself in queens. I either got drunk or left immediately. Or both. I can’t remember.

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