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ANNE, CocteauBoy, n SYDNEY
My goodness the lovely ladies were out last light! YOWZA!! Hee hee, this is Anne and Sydney of THE HAZZARDS, a local New York City two-girl-ukelele-band-formerly-known-as-The-Ukes-of-Hazzard become-full-band-now-called-The-Hazzards! They were SO FUN!!! I love seeing them perform because they make me so happy. I give a lot of support and love to anyone or anything that makes me laugh and happy. I finally got over to Galapagos Art Space for their “Make Out Party” dragging with me Aileen and Johnny and we had a blast! I had asked THE HAZZARDS to make sure they brought some lovely goods for me to buy the next time they performed, because I never seem to get a damn kick-ass T-shirt of theirs and I wanna wear it proudly! So it happens, they got my message and DID bring some! YAY!!

Except… the style I wanted was only in a SMALL. Sydney insisted it would fit my oh-so-svelt body, but I begged to differ, so she gave me a SECOND Tee shirt just to shut me up, and it was the famous “Shut Up and Make Out” Tee Shirt!!! Woo Hoo! So this morning I decided to try on the supposedly mis-sized first t-shirt, since Sydney had sworn that it would truly fit those of the “husky” pursuasion.

Turns out, I was right.

Oh, how right I was.

Slipping myself into the sexy, yellow THE HAZZARDS t-shirt was like squeezing toothpaste back into a tube. I walked up to my big mirror and I stared in horror at what looked to be a walrus trapped in a yellow rubber band. Needless to say, I will have to stalk the gals for a LARGER t-shirt of that color and style at future show.

Thanks, gals!!

Check them out so that your day can be as bright as mine! YAY!

VIDEO ONE: Gay Boyfriend
VIDEO TWO: Shut Up and Make Out

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