Everyone is Famous

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Sometimes I am so fascinated by and even impressed by the graffiti of New Yorkers. Wander into any public bathroom across the rest of the United States and you will see the invariable puns, raunchy jokes, hate words, or sex ads, and you can find those in New York, too, but more often than not, you will find political expressions, poetry, poignant commentary, and empowering or thought-provoking quotes. Just stop into any Starbuck’s bathroom (some of the most disgusting bathrooms on the planet). It’s really surreal and sometimes I wish I had my camera with me! Lately, I have remembered to bring my camera and captured these!

“How does it feel to never see him again?”

The graffiti above made my heart sink, but I am not in the mood to go into that right now. I just thought when I read it, “wow…”

So my Halloween Weekend was launched by going to PYRAMID CLUB for 1984, this time featuring MADONNA all night long. I was only interested in going because I love my pals, but I had NO IDEA I would end up having such a great time! The entire idea was John’s, so I want to give him credit here. I love that guy so much. I don’t see him enough.

(he is so going to kill me for posting this)

Before I met up with the entirety of the gang, I met up with my homey, Soce, so we could spend some quality time together.


While I had waited for Soce to arrive, I had kept my personal space pretty clear of the advances of some of the fellas, even though they were all perfectly nice guys. I just wanted to be alone, though, and think, feel, ponder… but eventually I was struck by the immediate warmth, kindness, and vibe of one particular guy who approached me a couple of times. Nothing sexual or creepy or invasive, just totally friendly conversation. So we were chattin’ it up and he finally reveals to me that he is BARRY Z of the famous BARRY Z SHOW that is a New York City cornerstone of Public Access TV here! I mean, Barry has interviewed everybody and anybody who has ever passed through the entertainment industry of New York City within the past 13 years or so, especially in the Broadway, Off-Broadway world! So fascinating!

Public Access Television is one of the coolest things EVER in NYC, even though it’s popularity and cool population have moved on to more digital, online mediums in more recent years. Still, it’s place in art and entertainment and porn culture for the New Yorker is permanent, and Barry Z is an icon. It was truly wonderful to spend time with him and hear his stories and see his genuine excitement to hear about the work I do, and even more exciting for him was to find out he could meet the hot SOCE! He’s been trying to score an interview with Soce for a long time, apparently! Anyway, I was really honored to have met him and have plans to hang out again! WOO HOO!

CocteauBoy n Soce n Barry Z


New York Premier Entertainment TV
News Magazine show focusing on celebrity interviews, broadway, off- broadway, film and and music.
CocteauBoy n Soce n Christian

Johnny finally met up with Soce and me, before heading over to Pyramid Club for our night of dancing and lovin’. Christian finally met up with me, too! We’ve been in contact for more than a year ONLINE, but finally met last night! YAY! My gosh, he is so cute and nice and we had a really good time! We definitely bonded.

I always wait way too long to meet people from online. I get all weird and evasive, but I have a new resolve this year. I’m inviting them all out to meet me and I can’t wait! I don’t meet these guys without a LOT of interaction online first, AND I never meet someone just on a whim. Something has to strike me about that person. Interestingly, I met Soce through Friendster about a year ago, too! I will forever by grateful for that choice. He’s a seriously inspiring, sweet, powerful and smart guy. I love him so much!

I sometimes forget how many amazing people I know because of the wonders of the pixel and light of cyberspace.

So the night was SO fun and I danced and laughed and hugged and smooched and loved and gyrated and boogied and everyone was so happy. And… one of my favorite parts of the night? SEEING MY SWEETHEART, DEANDRA!! YAY!!!

CocteauBoy n Deandra

I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did!

Most surprising part of the night? Having some gorgeous girl tap me on the head and ask me if my hat stood for ANIMAL RIGHTS (it reads A/R with “animal rights” in smaller print, so she couldn’t read it). I said, why yes! And she hugged and raved that she was so happy to see someone standing for the animals, even in the midst of fun and dancing. It really makes me happy to know others care.

Who knows what the rest of the holiday weekend will bring.

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