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I am really bummed that I missed out on Imogen’s concert this past Sunday night… but at least I have this:

(real player required)


Imogen Heap
Frou Frou

I love Imogen (of Frou Frou) because she sings STORIES with odd lyrics that are indicative of the power in mundanity, while somehow making the most addictive pop songs, ever. Another thing I love about Immi is her faltering style of singing. She can sing so beautiful and flawed at the same time. This strain to rise above her limitations is humble and inspiring. She’s sort of a modern Jane Siberry.

You can enjoy tracks from Imogen’s latest album, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, (released in the U.S. yesterday) in my TruthLoveEnergy Lounge!

Take some time and enjoy…

7 thoughts on “Speak For Yourself”

  1. Anonymous, sorry to tell you this, but you are MEAN. What’s the point? Does it make you feel better to say judgemental, demeaning things to someone while hiding in anonymity? At least grow a set and put your identity up there…

  2. OMG, that was the funniest comeback I have EVER heard, Thomaz!! LOL!!

    Thanks AbiMN for your compliments!!! Yowza! And thanks to Jane for calling that lovely fella out on his cowardice…

    He just wants some attention, so I hope this helped.


  3. As I’ve always told you, you’re beautiful inside and out. Simple as that.

    Just think how ugly someone would have to be, inside, to take the time to write that comment. He/she is probably a really lonely, pathetic soul. That kind of ugliness DOES leak out onto the body eventually…

    In other words: fuck ’em. You’re handsome, cute, beautiful, and HOT – all wrapped up into one intellligent & kind package.


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