A Walk Along the L

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Although I am still torn between Manhattan and Brooklyn, my heart continues to embrace Brooklyn more and more, of course. Manhattan has become the place of tourists and those who continue to move there are oddly like permanent tourists.

I could handle fighting through the throngs of gawking tourists, knowing they were benefiting our little town and that they would eventually leave, but now they take up residence and try to act and live as if New York is what they see on TV. Sex and the City ruined everything. A swarm of people moved here during Sex and the City and it just hasn’t been the same.

You can always tell who is a “true” New Yorker vs a “tourist” New Yorker just by who finds Sex and the City to be an accurate portrayal.

Thanks to Jane, I was able to read a great article about my neighborhood in NEW YORK MAGAZINE this past week. It was very interesting…


In the photo gallery for the article, there is actually a picture of my street AND building!! But I am not going to feature it here, but for those of you who know me, you will see it.


2 thoughts on “A Walk Along the L”

  1. I must admit, I am a fan of ‘Sex and the City.’ However, I do believe the depiction isn’t accurate and there do seem to be a fair number of people that have come to NYC and think otherwise. The article regarding Billyburg is very interesting. I moved there in early ’97 and the change is just the most unbelievable thing. Today, the burg seems very much like Manhattan to me, as well. NY is ever-changing…not always in a good or positive way.

  2. Being a FAN of Sex and the City doesn’t mean you lost your bearings on what is fantasy and what is reality about New York. I am a HUGE fan of Sydney Bristow in Alias, but I have to suspend my disbelief just enough to enjoy all of it, and it’s FUN! I just would never automatically assume that if I do certain things in a certain place that I am living like a TV Character. But it’s creepy how many people DO believe they are one of the gals from Sex and the City! Shivvverss…

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