METRIC: My latest published Review

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Guess who’s back to writing reviews!! ME! YAY! I love writing so much. This is such a great hobby for me; especially writing about entertainment. LOVE it. It really balances my sense of life after working and writing on such etheric and otherworldly topics as metaphysics and channeling.

And, finally, I am writing for a magazine of which I am really proud. My friend, Liberation, spun off his own magazine from the magazine for which we both worked, I love his magazine so much more, as it focuses more on the art, music, and life that specifically contributes to the revitalization of the East Village mentality. If you don’t know what that means, then you probably didn’t live in the Village pre-90’s. I will always have a soft spot for NewYorkCool, though. I highly suggest it as a resource for the New Yorker who wants to know what’s going on below the surface of commercial art and entertainment.

Trigger Magazine

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