Happening RIGHT NOW!

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Tonight is one of the many reasons I love my new neighborhood, even though it is also the very reason I sometimes can’t stand it. In the end, the creativity and joy of expression wins over my heart…

The eve started unfolding early to the sounds of catchy electronica and experimental techno bouncing off the walls and windows of our twin warehouses, with light displays, digital art, and happy people bopping all over the place. As the night is wearing on (and it is STILL EARLY!), accordions, girls in burlesque petticoat dresses on stilts, and circus-like band music churns and prances about while a fire dancer/breather/spinner stops traffic.

The BUSHWICK ART PROJECTS is well under way! Technically, I live in Williamsburg, but the blur between proud Bushwick and pompous Williamsburg stretches for several stops on our lovely L train, clashing occassionally, but tonight, it’s just… celebration!

On my floor, in a few minutes, two doors down, there will be celebrity chefs and a “kitchen show” featuring “The Shaydes” and “Purity Kisses” (??), so this should prove to be an interesting night in my building and on my block.

Live Love Life!

Looking down right NOW from my window:

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