It’s All About The Moment

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Where the hell am I?
Well, I am doing that weird thing that happens where there’s an upsurge in experiences that will then translate into blogging, later. Until then, I thought I would share another graffiti I found this weekend (which would turn out to be magickally-prophetic and you will read about that in due time, my dears) and I wanted to share images of our amazing Christmas Cactus that is in full bloom in our home. So beautiful!

Graffiti at Metropolitan Bar, Brooklyn



6 thoughts on “It’s All About The Moment”

  1. J LO! I was on the search party committee my friend!!! No more disappearing off the faith of the earth!
    MIss you – and WONDERFUL SHOTS! So crisp, really -really nice!

    Happy Holidays!!!

  2. Troy,

    What a beautiful catcus flower! :) Thanks so much for posting this photo. :) I just love catcus…. good thing I am moving to Tucson!



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