I’ll Be Your Nasty Santa

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This week will find me posting again, as usual, but the past month or so has been a whirlwind and I can’t WAIT to write about everything! SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! I really appreciate all of the emails and comments wishing me well and encouraging my ass back to writing. Wow. Those emails and comments were really nice to read. Thanks!!

Until I can write more, which won’t be long, I thought I’d post some Holiday CocteauBoy for SugarHiccup-Hiccup! I was all scruffied up tonight, yet clean, cuz I had just showered a bit earlier. I am always clean, thank you. I smell and taste delicious, as you can ask anyone within my proximity; especially the Ex’s, mmm hmmm. Delicious, I said.

So I threw on a Santa Hat and started snapping away tonight, for fun. I never catch myself smiling too much in a photo because I am concentrating so much on holding the damn camera without flinging it disastrously to the ground, but I DO smile. I promise. Plus, I LOVE playing with special effects on images, as you can see. I look so much better when I am nearly, completely obscured…

H O L I D A Y S !

7 thoughts on “I’ll Be Your Nasty Santa”

  1. Dear Santa,
    I sent you a request for just one thing a few months ago. I am desperately hoping to find it in my stocking, er…inbox for Xmas. I’ve been a mostly good girl this year and I think I am worthy of what I asked for. Please consider delivering my present! I will even leave out a cocktail and a few cookies for you. Please don’t hesitate to wake me when you arrive. I’d love to see you in person. And don’t let the dog bother you…
    Happy New Years, Santa! (at least then, you’ll have a night off!)

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