For My Birthday

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Well, folks, I have turned THIRTY-EIGHT! Wow. Thirty Eight. 38. It’s so amazing to me. It freaks me out when I talk to a 22 year old person who says he or she feels “old,” and that getting older sucks. Sorry, but I LOVE IT! I think people have it all wrong. LIKING getting older is what maintains your youth, not dreading it. Can you imagine how much energy is put into the stress of your body as you resist getting older? And if you hate the idea of getting older, doesn’t that just mean that you are working really hard on dying faster? Hating getting older is what makes you OLD. Get it?

Anyway, I was thinking about birthdays, and birthday wishes, and gifts, etc. and I wondered about what I might really REALLY want, if I could have anything. I figured it out, pretty fast. So, for my birthday, and as part of my wish, I invite you to help fulfill that wish, because MY wish isn’t just mine. It’s just that I have the ability and the voice to express this wish. For those who wish the same as I, they are not able to share with you how many billions stand behind me in wanting this single wish to come true. In fact, even when they scream out in hopes that my wish will come true, they are dismissed, discarded, and even rendered invisible on a multitude of levels.

So I ask that each of the readers of this mostly-boring blog, SugarHiccup-Hiccup. please choose just ONE, if not ALL, of the videos below as a means to help bring my wish into reality. To help bring into reality the wishes of the billions who die and suffer every day,… for no reason, except because of our ignorance and greed.

What is my wish?

I wish for the world to care enough.

I wish for you to care at all.

[tip: click the PLAY button, then quickly PAUSE it, until you see that most of the download has finished, then click PLAY again; this will make the video play better!]

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4 thoughts on “For My Birthday”

  1. happy birthday. and you look very very cute by the way – older men always have that special charm. oh and… they say men are biologically at their best at 40. so, you’re totally grooving. have fun!

  2. Oh no, that was a compliment. I’m a lot younger, so compared to me, you’re older. (This thing is damn relative and too sticky.)

    You’re very handsome and amazing cute.
    Run with that sexy boy.

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