Project Runway: New York Style!

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Okay, for those of you who enjoy PROJECT RUNWAY as much as I, here is a lovely piece of footage I personally filmed while I worked today from my laptop, out and about! I love New York! Listen closely at the end of the footage as the man catches me filming him. He bitches me all out, all loudly… he says, “Aaaa doan giv uh shit how publick this shit is…!!” And he went on to scream that what he was doing in the middle of a STARBUCKS (hello!) in NYC (hello!) was “PRIVATE.”

Give me a break, bitch. I just smiled at him appreciatively and thought about how much I love New York!


TIP: After you press the PLAY Button, pause the feed until the status bar indicates most of the footage is buffered, as this will give you a MUCH better video-viewing experience.

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5 thoughts on “Project Runway: New York Style!”

  1. What a hoot! If you’re going to dress like that then you better be prepared to be watched. Hell, if you leave the house you better be prepared!

  2. whatever this man is wearing or doing, i think it’s very rude of you to tape him and share it with the public without his permission. he could have drug problems, mental issues, etc.- and those are not for you to make fun of and expose. Respect people a bit please.

  3. Troy,
    I love it! You should tape any and all the crazy shit in NY. It would be fun to see that often on your blog…..More later….

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