Happy Medium

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Due to the exploitation of the “anonymous” option for leaving comments, you are now required to have a Blogger Account as a means to post your words. This is the only option I have, short of censorship, which I will NOT support. I despise censorship in any form, and as you can see from the history of my blog comments, I have tolerated “anonymous” attacks on me just fine. So while I do NOT support Censorship, I DO support OWNERSHIP, Responsibility, and Courage behind words so easily dumped into the space outside of your frickin’ head.

I appreciate ALL viewpoints and even the idiotic insults, but I think it’s time for my blog stalker/s(?) to own up to the words so easily tossed here.

Please forgive this situation and take just a couple of moments to sign up with Blogger and show your support for helping bring some ownership to the cowardly words of blog stalkers and drive-by haters around the world!

What are your feelings about this?

9 thoughts on “Happy Medium”

  1. oh jesus, i was born and raised in new york. i’m more of a new yorker than you’ll ever be! if everyone is a star in new york, freaking pay their royalties man! plus, you get annoyed people posting without an identity here. what’s the guy in the coffee store suppose to do? “Opps,sorry, you have to login to make an ass of me.”??? — Don’t use other people’s weakness to create “art” or whatever it is you call it for yourself.

  2. A. Being a “new yorker” is more than being born here and it certainly isn’t a competition or a badge of honor or a superior position… being a “new yorker” is not only a product of your experiences here, but what you DO with those experiences.

    B. Strutting proudly as if on a fashion runway while wearing a full-length dress over clothes, with a huge head dress, in the middle of Starbucks in the middle of Manhattan in the middle of rush hour coffee madness, and tourists…

    C. Uhhh… ’nuff sed.

    D. For what it’s worth: I appreciate your attempt at compassion for this man, but you are making up epic stories about this man’s life, (and my intentions), and while I only shared with you what he ALREADY shared with ME, I ask that you consider the fact that you are actually exploiting this opportunity, not as a way to show compassion, but as a means to justify and showcase your own platform of judgments.

    E. Think about it…

  3. Uhhh… who ever said I was FROM New York. Not me.

    Interesting, “Prodigal,” that in your, ummm, “blog” you claim to have been born and raised in EUROPE. HA! Busted, dumb ass!

    I QUOTE:
    “….I was born and raised in Europe, so I’m in the guy on the block for this North American culture. (By the way, most look down on you people across the pond.)”
    Dumb Ass’s Dumb Ass Blog Entry
    By the way, I have no idea what kind of English/Grammar that is, but your first and only entry makes little sense. LOL

    I’ve only lived in New York for nearly half of my life, but I’m not FROM here. I love New York, and I consider New York my home (in so many ways, on so many levels), but I’m not a “native” New Yorker.

    I find it flattering when people actually take the time to create false, multiple, hidden, and empty profiles through Blogger just to be able to come here and post these comments.


    Yer all so hot.

  4. Troy – I would take this as you have TRULY Become FAMOUS!!!!!! You have a hate club!!! Mama is here baby with the frying pan and the bloodied sword! That Prodigal jerk who just made a comment is a first class idiot – just for the fact of having to ANNOUNCE his citizenship the way he did proves it. What an IDIOT, you WANNA BE!!!!

    You keep it up Troy baby – let the little European boy get back to his place in line at 26 FEderal plaza – You let them wait in line for papers for soo long they think they own the place – SHeesh!!

  5. Troy – I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while (as evidenced by the fact that it’s taken me this long to post). What you are doing is not censoring commentary from your readers, no matter what anyone might say. Your blog is like your home — you have invited everyone in (the more the merrier), but unfortunately, a few impolite guests have abused your hospitality and you’ve simply escorted them to the door and made it clear they are not welcome here, while at the same time becoming more discriminating about who crosses your threshold. That is absolutely your perogative — after all, this is *your* space. Those who sling unkind and hateful comments from behind the curtain of anonymity are to be pitied — imagine living your life with so much fear that you can only say what’s on your mind when you are certain no one will know you are the one who said it. (An extreme example: think Ku Klux Klan members hiding under their sheets). As the recipient of my share of “blog-hating,” I’ve changed the settings on my new blog to ensure that I not only require a login, but I will moderate the comments before they go live. This is because I believe that blogs serve a bigger role as communities rather than a place for the disturbed/disenfranchised/dysfunctional to vent bile on those who have taken the big and bold step of putting their lives out there into a public space.

    If someone hates on you anonymously, can you just imagine how much he must hate himself?

    As you see the world is how you see yourself.


  6. Janey,

    This really makes a lot of sense to me, what you wrote here. Also, within minutes of my latest blog entry, a post was in the comments for a magazine promotion, so using the “must have blogger profile” is just a waste of time.

    I will now return to allowing all people post to my blog, but I will moderate those posts. Good Lord, I am now seeing the upside of censorship because of these invasive pricks in life and in advertising.

    Censorship, here I come.


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