The Argument for Moderation

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Well, okay, now I’ve gone to the dark side. With the influential sway of intelligence as posted by JANE in the comments section of my post on Censorship, I will now resort to MODERATION of my comments section.

You know, there just comes a point where you grow sick of sick people and spam.

Within minutes of my most recent post, my comments had a fake profile being used as a means to spam promotion for a magazine. Enforcing a profile does nothing to stop this crap. I also know that within minutes the creepy creeps will descend upon my words and leave shit stains as they scoot out their only means of communicating.

So, sorry everyone. ALL of you can now comment, with or without a blogger profile, but your comment will pass through my MODERATION to scrape out ONLY the FAKE profiles pushing spam, and the REAL assholes who may leave shit stains.

Thanks for your understanding.

Troy aka CocteauBoy aka Otterly

3 thoughts on “The Argument for Moderation”

  1. Whoops, my only-ever deleted comment was actually from an interesting blog writer/contributor, so I may have jumped to conclusions (i hope), but still… d’OH!

    I will remain with the moderation in effect.

    HOWEVER, here is a lovely blog offered from Beck De Robertis (sorry, Beck!)


  2. helllooooooooo? is anyone out there? honey, you gotta keep us coming back……where are you?

    (whistling into the void)


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