LIVE: from Austin, TX III

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Still in Texas…

Lisa Germano stole the night for me, though. She was already singing when we entered the venue, but I could feel her voice cradling the crowd immediately. Listening to her sing is like acknowledging your broken wings and feeling absolutely safe.

This tiny little clip does no justice for her art, but it’s something to share. I cannot wait for her new album!! Check out the clip, below.

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS while in Austin, so far:
* Owen Wilsen
* A comedian I will have to figure out when I have the time
* Tom Cruise’s Cousin (the one who plays “Ethan” – one of the “OTHERS” on the island of LOST)
* and most exciting! FREDDY RODRIGUEZ of Six Feet Under (Federico) He even patted me and said hi! YAY!!

(clip from “FROM A SHELL”)


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