Electric Light Dorkestra

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My apartment is under siege by electricians, construction workers, and other interruptive sources. As a process toward residentializing our warehouse apartment building, we must all be put on our own meters. Previously, we were paying a percentage of the entire floor’s electric usage, which was sort of silly, but because our building was commercial, that’s really the only option we had.

We moved into our building just as a transition came into effect, with new landlords buying out our landlord, and changing EVERYTHING. Most of the changes are for the point of making our building legitimately residential, which is a good thing, but other changes have been put into place that are clearly just for profit, such as replacing the floor’s laundry machines with smaller, coin-operated ones (they were large and free to use, before).

The work being done in the apartments is shoddy, sloppy, and ugly. Instead of wiring the apartments nicely, they are running EXTERNAL piping all around and putting in these large boxes as outlets, while leaving the previous, flush outlets nearby.

It’s really ugly.

They are also adding some sort of mandatory lighting from the ceiling.

They are ripping holes in the walls that will not be repaired, and god knows what else over the course of this… They won’t be done until NEXT Monday.

Just thought I’d leave a post now, when I have a chance, in case I am unable to post for a while, since the internet and electricity are being screwy while they work over this week.

4 thoughts on “Electric Light Dorkestra”

  1. I have to agree with jane and nick…this is horrible, Troy. Try to hang in there and Smile, it will soon be over. luv, Suz

  2. This is going to look nice when it’s finished. The new electric design will prevent the place from burning down to the ground too. That’ll be nice.


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