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Gorgeous, beautiful His Name Is Alive performed at Mercury Lounge last night, and I was graced with the presence of my lovely boyfriend as my date. The performance is such a treat because it is really only recently, after all of these years, that HNIA is touring. They perform their old songs with completely new twists, and even some of their new songs from the new album “Detrola” have unusual live versions, so everything is really fresh, alive, and new during the show. I’ve fallen in love with them all over again.

Here is a teeny clip from last night’s performance of a classic song of theirs, done in a more mournful way than the original version, which was done with a gospel choir and children.



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  1. hey TroyBoy!! It’s me…June from MHS 86. Do you remember me? I got nostalgic a couple years ago (I could just hear your sweet laugh in my head) and tried to email you but the address on the school site didn’t work. Tonight, I was doing something and somehow ended up finding you! Debbie G. said she found you but I didn’t hear if you were coming to the reunion or not. I HOPE SO!!! I would love to see you. I love your blog & myspace, especially the pic of you & Clem “reunited” in Austin. You are too cute! I was looking at all your pics trying to find a good one where I could see you. You look fab, honey. I hope you’re doing well. Email me sometime if you want. I’m on the Mac site. I hope you read this cuz I don’t know how else to reach you. I’m not up on myspace – there’s probably a way to find an email there….oh well.. I’ll look for it. I’d love to see you or at least hear from you. I’m really hoping you and Clem are coming the 17th.

  2. Oh my frickin’ GOD! I can’t believe you found me, FINALLY!!! Yeesh. I’ve been waiting for years! LOL Believe me, some of my fondest memories include you, and I even have some lingering mysteries to ask you about when we have a chance. Good Lord, remember “Abracadabra’s”? What ever happened to Nancy? Wow, so many memories!

    So, okay, you can email me through my profile here (click the “so you want some more troy?” link under my picture) or use the contact form HERE.

    I can’t wait to hear from you!!


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