And I have to Juggle, too!

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NOT ME (but like me)

Well, this morning moves me into the next tightrope walk into the circus that is my life. I will have a two-part move, since I have not secured my own apartment, yet, so my stuff is being moved with Cyprus’s and I am going to stay SOMEWHERE (anyone want a CocteauBoy on their couch for a few days?) as I try to juggle work, finding an apartment, and recovering from the on-going blows of life. It’s all good, though. I was born in a town that has a permanent Big Top, and is hailed as the “Circus City Capital of the World,” so I can handle all of this: the tightropes, the juggling, and distractions, comedies, drama, and still manage to keep my smile real.

I’ll let you know where I finally land. And I have some amazing updates to log here very soon!

One thought on “And I have to Juggle, too!”

  1. Hello there,
    I’m a long lost friend of the pixelorbiter (he called me Nith if you need verification) – I don’t usually read blogs let alone comment on them but here I am. I’ve read the blogs you’ve done recently and here’s my bit:

    Hang in there. Sometimes we have to go through really crap times of change and loss and uncertainty to reach a new place within ourselves that we couldn’t have before the crap. It sucks and there is just no way to sugar that- but you will be reborn on the other side in a new way that is stronger and deeper. I know from experiences that, although a bit different, have walked me through the same sort of fire and my best advise -which I obviously cannot resist giving to you – is this: Ride this dragon. Do what you feel in your soul and hold on to every scap of faith you can muster. You are on the path that is right for you…Spring will be born from this winter.

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