Lava Love

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I had this most amazing dream the other night:

As some of you already know, I seem to have a constant stream of apocalyptic dreams in which I am running for my life, and I never really see how they end… I just remember the running.

Well, in this dream the world was folding in on itself. Yes… folding in on itself.

The ground around the world was losing solidity, softening and churning, swallowing people, homes, cities, continents, and replacing it all with molten lava. No one knew where it would hit next, but we did know that it seem to be spreading exponentially. As the earth began to fold in the distance from Manhattan, there was a stillness in the air, with little panic from the city. People were going to rooftops to watch the glowing horizon gently silent the screams of people in the distance, instantly turning people and things into bursts of flames. As the ocean around us started steaming and shifting and parts of the city began to fall, I went down to to the streets with others who were anticipating trying to maneuver the flooding and folding of land and lava. At one point, the ground completely dropped from below me and my arms caught on the ledge of earth left behind, which allowed me to climb up and out of the huge canyon of heat, but as I stood to steady myself, more of the ground began to drop, forcing me to run and climb away in a race against this spreadig collapse. I was able to find solid footing and I stopped to look around me at the people falling into holes, canyons, fires, lava, being buried in debris and rubble…

Then, quietly and softly, an arm came around my waist. In the dream I seemed to know who it was, but in Waking State, I really don’t know who it is. His arm came around and I embraced back. We stood in this one solid spot as the ground around us was replaced by lava, crust, and heat. There was grass and a small tree where we stood, so we lowered ourselves down to sit and lean into each other’s arms. The world was gone. It was silent.

And suddenly the ground stopped shifting. My view pulled up and away from us to see both of us weeping and quiet, looking out into the nothingness, sitting on the only green island left in the world. The earth around our little island was blackened and red, but it began to solidify and cool.

We didn’t even react to this…

We just wondered how and why we were the only ones left in the world… or if there were other survivors.

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