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For those of you who know of my work in channeling and counseling, it might come as a treat for you to know that I have also been putting together audio podcasts to complement the work at the site!

If you have NO interest in channeling, metaphysics, and other philosophical ponderings about the self, the universe, and life, then this podcast will probably bore the hell out of you. BUT, if you know my work, or you have even the most remote interest in self-awareness, personal growth, spirituality, etc., you just might get a little inspiration from this work.

Before listening to a podcast, it’s a really good idea to read the BASIC INTRO at the site so that you have a little idea about the basic terminology. There is also a JANUARY podcast that you may have missed!

February 2007: Energy Report, Past Lives, Ghosts, Old Souls, and Defensiveness

February 2007

This episode focuses on: The ENERGY REPORT from Michael for the first three months of the year; IN THE NEWS with a bizarre and intriguing past life tale behind the recent comical plot of the Astronaut woman to keep her man; BACK TO BASICS with a focus on how to better understand and use the Focused/Creative Energy Ratio and Frequency of our Souls; BEYOND THE BASICS opens the floor to Michael for sharing their perception of what a “ghost” really is; LISTENER EMAILS bring comments from Michael about what Older Souls can do internally and externally as a way to attract and nurture relationships with other Older Souls; and MINI-MICHAEL focuses on DEFENSIVENESS and ways to catch it, understand it, and use it to our advantage for self-awareness.



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