The World Is In Love With Chris Garneau

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Well, at least my world is…

I cannot stop listening to him. There is something deeply moving and important in his voice, in his words, and in his person; an emotional genius capturing an undercurrent in all of us that is at once haunting, familiar, and gorgeous, creating a genre of music many are calling “Sadcore,” which is ironic because he is so incredibly inspiring.

Chris already has a huge, world cult following and I have seen it grow exponentially over a very short time, but I am still neck-to-neck with a gal on Last.FM for being Chris Garneau’s NUMBER ONE FAN, which is as creepy as it is SO COOL! LOL

I haven’t been in this much love with music since COCTEAU TWINS. I mean, I have LOVED some great music over time and I have very important bands that contribute to the soundtrack of my life, but there comes along very few who can cradle everything meaningful to you in life and turn it into kind lullabies of art.

I’m surprised Chris hasn’t been compared more often to Lisa Germano, another amazing talent in this world who can scoop up the most painful of experiences into a melody, a soft lull of whisper-songs, making all of it seem so worth it.

My ipod has not played much of anything beyond Chris since I first heard of him several months ago (except my boyfriend’s wonderful “mixed tapes” he made for me – sighhh). It makes it even better that Chris is so nice, personable, and friendly… free with hugs when I see him, even as I stand there like a shaking deer in headlights, starstruck like I’ve never been before (i never even understood the term until meeting Chris).

Tonight marks the last time I will be able to see him perform before leaving New York City for Amsterdam, Holland. Check his websites for future dates as his tour begins in May!

I wish for all of you to be able to experience him live, but until then BUY HIS ALBUM, “Music For Tourists“!!

You will NOT regret it.

I offer these for you to enjoy…



The “I don’t have my dog” song
(official title unknown to me)


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