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The Amsterdam Fund Project
Please make a donation to help keep Troy alive and fed while he transitions from America to Amsterdam.

ANYTHING will be helpful.

Thank you so much!!

Please consider one or ALL of these social networks online to help me stay in contact with you more directly while I am in Holland:


JOIN FACEBOOK and connect with me @
Once you are a member, please find me as CocteauBoy or search for me using

You can then join the private COCTEAUBOY LOVES YOU Group at FaceBook and everyone in the group can keep in direct contact with me that way! This group connection will allow us to share videos, blog entries, comments, support, links, details, private and personal messages, etc. and f you use FireFox, you can even download the FaceBook Toolbar from the FireFox addons so you can be alerted to any and all activity related to your account!

Troy Tolley's Facebook profile

AND EVEN MORE for the serious friend!

JOIN TWITTER: is a simple, simple user profile that only asks one question: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? This can be updated at any point during your day and all people within your network are then alerted in various real-time ways (including TEXT MSGING!) as to “what I am doing!” If you check out my blog at, you will see the Twitter Widget in the side column is always updated!

FOR additional connection, or as a milder alternative to FaceBook:

JOIN MYSPACE and add me as a friend through! When you belong to MySpace, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my MySpace blog so you can leave comments to keep me company: YAY!!

For those who just wish to hear the basic updates, but not to be signed up for a network, please subscribe for my SugarHiccupHiccup Blog entries to be sent directly to your inbox and make sure you comment and keep me company as I document my adventure!

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Thanks for staying connected with me and showing your support!!!


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