The Heart That Flies Never Dies

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Well, here I go…

Part of me is in absolute disbelief and shock, while another part of me is happier than ever! I can’t believe I decided to make this huge change and then… DID IT! I don’t know why I would even be shocked; I always do this.

Follow your hearts, everyone. Keep your wits about you, but follow your heart. It’s the most aligned part of you that you have with the universe. It may lead you into confusing and terrifying places, but that’s your head trying to make sense of something that really has no logic. There is always meaning and beauty to be found in the places your heart lead you, even if your mind tries to trick you into thinking you’ve made a “mistake.”

There is no such thing.

If I had used logic as my navigation through this, I would find evidence of far more reasons NOT to go than to go; not that the evidence would even be accurate, just easier to find because when you focus on what makes sense, what is tangible, it will always be evidence of where you’ve come from, not about where you are going. What’s around you is what you’ve created already, so if I had no concept of my moving to another country, that’s what I would find… no evidence to support how that could possibly be true.

The intangible future of my creation comes from my desires, my heart, the perceptions that bypass logic and proof, moving into a rare place of creative effort, playful trust, and honest choice.

Yes, I may crash and burn on the plane; I may find this doesn’t work in the way I may ultimately imagine; I may be immediately rejected; I may fall flat on my face… but from even those potential experiences, it is up to me as to how I deal with it, and I will NEVER regret following my heart. I never have.

So, there are no guarantees. There is only CHOICE. And I chose this. I created it. I own the responsibilities involved, and I will make new choices as my experiences unfold.

Okay then… here I go…

This is my last blog entry from inside the United States… for a while!

See you on the other side with a whole new adventure and entries about my impressions of Amsterdam, Europe, and my life’s potential there.


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2 thoughts on “The Heart That Flies Never Dies”

  1. there are no mistakes, only choices and learning experiences.

    If you go with no expectations you will not be disapointed.

    Following one’s heart is always good advice – just make sure you have enough money in your pocket for something to eat, a bottle of water and your passport. Everything else is gravy.

    good luck and welcome to Europe!


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