VLOG: Out My Window & The Euro

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From where I am staying with my bf, the sounds of children playing dance through the air to bring a lot of spirit, the chirping of birds makes it feel like there is no way to have a bad day, and the smell of flowers forces you to close your eyes for a moment and simply be present. My experience is of such a peace, so far, and I wanted to share that with you as best I can.

This first video is a view from the window. I could have done this better from the balcony, but I happened to be looking out the window and spontaneously recorded what I was seeing.

In this video, I introduce you to the Euro from my inexperienced American angle. I don’t MEAN to be such a dumbass, but I am pretty new at being the foreigner, so everything makes me giddy and things that are taken for granted by locals seem exciting and inspiring to me!

2 thoughts on “VLOG: Out My Window & The Euro”

  1. there are 1 euro coins, and if you look at the coins carefully you will see that each euro country has its own design. Some are actually collector’s items because they are rare ( like from the small Eu coutries or the coutries that don’t have the very small denomination coins.)

    BTW if you think Euros are colourful you should see Swiss bills – yoiks!

    love the vids, it is nice to see what you look and sound like!


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