Reading time: < 1 minute Oh, rather than wait until I have the time and focus for a big post, I like getting these One-Minute Wanders up for everyone. The feedback really helps me feel close to everyone, so thank you for that! In this episode, Jip introduces me to his favorite snack shack during a little special outing together, and we prove that we are too fancy and gourmet for most people. So grab a napkin and pull up a chair! Wish you were here!

More in-depth coverage coming soon!

6 thoughts on “vlog: LOVE FEAST”

  1. WHY? I mean really why would you do that? I couldn’t even watch the whole thing I feel very barfy now and I have not even had breakfast yet.

    You are just mean!


  2. was that mayo on the pommes?

    Has Jip introduced you to red and white pommes yet?

    That reminds me of marcus introducing me to German gourmet specialty – Currywurst-pommes

    needless to say I was unimpressed!

    looks like you guys had fun though!!!

  3. Nick: Yes, Cute n Gross: that’s us.

    CyprusNYC: I knew you would suffer a near-vomit watching this, LOL!

    Merlyn: Yes, that is mayo on the fries (and on Jip’s face!), but I prefer the Curry Ketchup/Peanut Sauce, myself.

    Currywurst Pommes, huh. Is that just Curried potatoes?


  4. answer try two…
    please use this one

    currywurst pommes
    a large hotdog style saussage covered with curry flavoured Ketchup+ curry powder and french fries with paprika+salt on them
    he loves it, I get ill just thinking about it.


    now Poutine on the other hand that’s a delight that makes him ill and me smile.

    each to his own.

  5. Good lord, if there is a vegan/vegetarian version of that currywurst, I might actually LIKE that! LOL!

    I like delicious gross foods, like Biscuits and Gravy with Syrup on it.

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