Reading time: < 1 minute just a quick note that my condition is getting so bad that i may have to be hospitalized. i will know more, later. i hope i have good news soon.

5 thoughts on “hospital”

  1. Lots of people are praying for a quick recovery for you,
    as, well, as, i’ve been sending
    angels of the healing matrixes,
    and, 20,000 angels of the light,
    and, lots of fey realm helpers
    as, well as sending you lots of remote healing …
    suz is also sending energy too,
    blessings of energy,light ‘n love

  2. I am so glad to see you back with the living Troy! You are in my thoughts every day. Much love and all the best, Jennifer Mallet

  3. Troy, I’m so glad to hear you’re out of the woods. A coma? My god. Take care of yourself and I’m thinking about you. Love and hugs… Darin.

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