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I can’t write a lot right now, but I was able to get access to the internet and my laptop today so I could send out a big love vlog to show that I am recovering. I have serious double-pneumonia, which is now gone, but my body’s immune system collapsed and I spent a long time in the hospital. The past few days were with my being in Intensive Care in a coma on a respirator, because I could no longer create oxygen on my own. I am very lucky and happy to be alive. I hope the worst of all of this over, but I should still be in the hospital for another week or two as I regain my strength and learn to breathe on my own.

I can’t thank those of you enough who have stuck through this with me and have sent to me cards, thoughts, good energy, healing, etc. I really needed it. I still do and I hope you keep me with you in your happy thoughts.

I know I look really awful in this video and I have lost about 30 lbs, but at least I am feeling healthier and can walk a little and speak easily. YAY! My spirits remain high!


ONE MINUTE WANDERS: Out of Intensive Care from CocteauBoy on Vimeo

4 thoughts on “vlog: OUT OF INTENSIVE CARE”

  1. Troy!! I’m so glad to see you’re getting a little bit better and better. That video breaks my heart, but makes me feel better at the same time. You look so much better than you did over the weekend. It’s incredible how you’re healing. I love you so much and am thinking about you always. Always. I will call you from work when I go back in tomorrow. So keep your cell on!

    Love, Nick xoxoxox

  2. You bring so much joy and inspiration to others. Know that that love is reflected back to you a million times over.

  3. ((((Troy)))) Thank you so much for posting the video so we could see your sweet self. I’m am so glad you are better. I was pretty darn worried about you.

    May you keep healing quickly and surely.

    Love, Ann

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