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In comical honor of Valerie Cherish from the most-excellent, short-lived series “THE COMEBACK!” I am posting my last vlog from the hospital! Originally I thought I would be leaving tomorrow, but I am leaving today! Despite my near-death experiences, coma, and need for serious patience in recovering over the next few weeks, I still have my humor and love! YAY!

For those who don’t know Valerie Cherish, you should really buy the series. AMAZING! I still laugh about several of the moments of genius comedy brought to it by Lisa Kudrow. This little vlog just made me laugh and happy to do because I am mimicking her trying to be “natural” as she made her reality tv statement that she was ready for her comeback!

So am I! YAY!

3 thoughts on “vlog: THE COMEBACK!”

  1. That was totally adorable!! Both of you!!

    I’m so happy you’re getting out of the hospital. And I’m looking forward to seeing you very soon in NY. I love you!


  2. Troy, I have been away from blogland in freelance land and oh my goodness! Some scary stuff going on, but it sounds like you are really making a comeback! Can’t watch the videos here at the i-cafe, but since I too am a rabid Valerie-lover, “I don’t need to SEE that.”

    Felicitations on your recovery…


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