vlog: Recovery Update

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CocteauBoy LIVES!

There is still not much to report as I just spend my days patiently recovering much slower than I expected. I did some research today on my pneumonia to read about recovery times and it seems it’s to be expected to be weeks, if not months, before living normal again. And I have to be careful because, apparently, there can be an easy relapse back into the pneumonia after two or three months of recovery! This scares the hell out of me.

But I have to focus only on recovery and getting back into my life. Everything seems as elusive to me as the ground outside of a building where I haven’t been able to walk for a couple of months now. I can get around the apartment quite easily now (relatively speaking) and without losing too much breath, but it’s still very difficult.

I made a video today on one of my better days after I took my shower and was feeling perky. I also took some pictures of me today to update my profiles since I look so different now.

Strange New/Familiar Face

I miss everyone SO MUCH, but I am SO HAPPY and LUCKY to report that my Love is taking amazing care of me and keeping me from even feeling a tiny bit lost and homesick! I feel safe and at home in his care and I can’t wait to be free enough to just go bounce and play about with him like we deserve to be with each other. I love him so much. I really have no idea what I would have done without him.

Enjoy the Vlog!

6 thoughts on “vlog: Recovery Update”

  1. Troy,

    You look like a ruggedly handsome movie star!

    I am so glad you’re doing better. Take all the time you need to recover fully. As far as I’m concerned the only responsibility you have is to your health.

    Much love,


  2. Troy, I think you look fabulous! Growth from this experience may be more bout the recivery process than anything else, so be sure to Allow it to unfold in its time.eynhujz

  3. Troy,
    Im not going to b nice, im going to b honest.
    You look awful sweetheart, it´s time for you to move from this Pneumonia chapter of your life, eat well, take vitamines, take pills, have sex, work out and go back to your normal life again. Trying to get attention from this theme really wont help you. Ps: You had Pneumonia or your lungs not in your vocal cords.

    Anne Frank.

  4. Thanks Ann and Karen! I’m taking it slow and steady. I appreciate the support.

    And to “anne frank:” I let your comment through because I am in good spirits, but honestly, you are just being a cowardly dumbass by writing what you wrote, especially anonymously, as usual.

    Pneumonia does affect the vocal chords, especially when you are constantly straining to breathe for months, and you have large tubes down your throat while in intensive care from having to have a respirator breathe for you while you are in a coma. My voice was fine before the coma.

    And suggesting I am “doing this for attention” is an awfully ignorant thing to suggest.

    Oh well…

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