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Yesterday was a wonderful day of being out and about with Jip and Ankie, his mother! Although I move about like a little, old man and I lose my breath regularly, at least I am moving and functional in the world again! YAY!

We went to Amsterdam’s China Town to try to find some herbs and oils that are good for the immune system. We then went to lunch and sat outside under the awning during a downpour that changed quickly to sunshine and breeze again. I love that about Amsterdam weather.

We then walked through DAM SQUARE, which is a huge tourist convergence similar to my New York’s TIMES SQUARE. Below is a video of Jip and Ankie saying hi (particularly to NICK!) and a nice spin around DAM SQUARE to share with all my pals!

Eventually, we made it to THE AMERICAN BOOK CENTER where I looked in vain for something to read. I just couldn’t find anything and by this time, I was getting exhausted and even almost passed out.


I bought a Writing Magazine to keep me inspired, but my time was running out so Jip and Ankie made sure I got back to Centraal Station so I could get the subway home, alone. They went on to see Jip’s brother perform in a band, but I just couldn’t go.


So here’s the little video of Dam Square with Jip, Ankie, and me!

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  1. Hey! I love seeing you out & about in the city. Your voice is sounding better, too! Love you. Tell Jip & Ankie I say “hello” and that I really look forward to spending time with them again one day…

    -Nick : )

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