vlog: Love is like Reincarnation

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Through the pain and sense of loss, there is still a core in me that can find the truth of a situation, the bigger truths, the higher perspective… the love. So today I was fluctuating in and out of hate, anger, depression, big love, beautiful truths, clarity, disorientation… just spinning around like a kid on a maniacal merry-go-round. During a bit of a moment of clarity and higher perception, I decided to make a video.

I don’t pretend to be so wise and spouting of profundity… I’m just a guy trying to figure things out in this world and sharing what I am learning as best I can. Sometimes I can hit on a very real piece of wisdom, and other times, I’m just a naive big kid, lost in the world and trying desperately to make sense of something…

It had been occurring to me for a few days now that Love is like Reincarnation: 1) it happens all around us whether we “believe in it, or not.” and 2) there is a necessary amnesia that comes with falling in love again, just like we forget our pasts when we choose and create a new life. It’s not that we don’t learn from our history, but more that we are not confined by it.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how I have fought for years to have a Love in my life that fits my ideal form. I have kept most forms of Love at a distance until I can just get my hands on this one kind of Love that I desperately crave. Even when the form is as close as it gets to my ideal, such as it was with Jip (I am truly loved by Jip), I struggle to hold it into the shape I want until I just squeeze it right out from between my fingers…

Love is not something that we can shape or force into a form. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to search for it in a shape and size that we want to have in our lives, and hope that it is given to us in a way that feels right and good, but it’s not a cool thing to reject all the other forms as we search, or that we sabotage the Love that we do find by slowly creeping into it a pressure to make a shape that fits our ideals.

Now, here’s something interesting below. This is the Energy Report as given by the entity I channel, “Michael.” They give a monthly report like a weather report might be given. There are no predictions, but there are descriptions of patterns that can be observable. As part of the report, Michael describes different parts of the year as having an emphasis on different energies that are similar to personality traits. July through September focuses on our examination of beliefs and perceptions; our ATTITUDE; our personal philosophies come up for scrutiny. As individuals, we choose one of seven Attitudes as part of our personality design for a lifetime, but in an energy report, Michael describes a kind of “weather,” or momentum, that is also described by one of the Attitudes. This year, the Attitude that is explored by most of us (regardless of our personal Attitude) is REALISM. That’s what Michael’s talking about in the first few lines of the report.

Let me know if this resonates to your life, too. The interesting part for me is that I channeled this from Michael on the 2nd of September… I was dumped 6 days later. The report is certainly relevant to my life.., sighhhh…


[Michael Entity] Hello to each of you. We are here. We will begin with an energy report to which you may ask questions after.

The energy report we are sharing is for September of 2007. As you enter into the last month of emphasis on the Attitude of Realist, the reality of its effect may begin to become more apparent. So far, the emphasis has been gentle for the most part, if not a bit surreal, ironically, but the edges of reality are now up for examination and this may feel a bit harsh in comparison. When we say “edges of reality,” we simply refer to the sharper points, the outlines and lines that hold the shapes of your beliefs and perceptions. Inside these lines, there is space and softness in which to move, but when examining the lines, you are dealing with “edges,” which are not as pleasant in many cases.

Over September, many of you may find that the lines holding your perceptions together actually change as a way to alter the forms that make up many of your manifestations. In other words, the CONTENT may be something you wish to keep, but the FORMS may change. This is where the “harshness” can come in. Often there is an attachment to FORM, even when CONTENT is unfulfilling; or there is an addiction to the CONTENT, even when the FORM is inappropriate.

In this case, some of you have found FORMS that may be up for change, and it would do you well to understand and trust that the core of what you seek WILL NOT DISAPPEAR, even if the form changes. The FORMS will not actually disappear for most of you, but the opening for more appropriate forms will be apparent and available, if you so choose to allow room for those in your reality.

We realize all of this may seem vague, but as September unfolds, it may become clearer as to what we refer. In short, allowing space, trust, and compassion for the shifts and rearrangements around you over September will allow for the beauty that is intended by these shifts.

KEY Thoughts over September might be:


BEING FULFILLED THROUGH appropriate FORM AND appropriate CONTENT IS OKAY TO HAVE AND WANT (it doesn’t have to be one or the other)


There are no particular dates of note over September in terms of energy shifts, though the last few days of September and the first few days of October could be said to be a shift into a peaceful comprehension of the year-to-date, with many aspects finally “making sense” on levels of the head and heart. We suggest for you to “make sense” of your changes in the weeks following September, because it may be difficult to comprehend during the weeks of September.

I’m gonna be okay.

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