DREAM: It’ll End In Tears

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Twister Girl
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Yeesh… my dreams, I swear…

I haven’t had this themed dream in a long time, but this one was reminiscent of a pattern of dreams I used to have where I was always accompanied by two vague figures in a run for our lives from a group of three who were always chasing us through various, intense adventures. So last night I was with those two unknown people, again, and we were hiding out in a trailer somewhere. We were making a plan as to how and where to go, next, in our escape from those who were after us. A new factor was that SPYDER was with me! Devoted, calm, and wise (a bit different from her character in waking life), she was quietly near.

I glanced out the window to check for anyone approaching: all was clear. As I let the curtains drop back in place, I suddenly saw a figure pass by in the grass, casting his shadow on the curtain! The figure stopped, turned his head in my direction, and I only stood, frozen, counting on the other two in the room to NOT do anything to catch the figure’s attention, but I was not able to alert them, either. The figure wasn’t able to see me through the curtain, apparently, and moved on.

I turned to the other two, relieved, and encouraged them to hurry, because we had to go… NOW.

I’m not sure how this next part worked, but I knew something about the house across the yard nearby and rushed the others to come with me to the house. I had a plan.

We made sure the yard was clear, hurried out the door, Spyder by my side, and over to the house. Somehow, we were inside, silent, and coordinated in our plan. The house seemed to be ranch-style from the outside, but inside seemed to have various levels, with railings and levels overlooking other levels. I don’t even know what we were doing, but we were creeping around with purpose for a while, before getting into the garage. I remember several times that I would notice as we were creeping about the house, that Spyder would be perched somewhere off to the side, or lying comfortably, panting, and watching as we scurried about. I also remember, at one point, a young boy had awakened and come out of his room, rubbing his eyes, and confused as to what he was seeing, but we just went about our business, counting on the boy thinking he was dreaming. I never heard from, or saw him, again.

We got into the garage and somehow had access to the car. I got in behind the driver’s seat; Spyder jumping into the passenger’s seat, with the other two getting in the back seat. As I started the car, I could not get control over things that seemed they should be easy to control, like the headlights, and getting the car into reverse. I started panicking, but finally got the car to move backwards, even though the car was jerking and stopping/starting, as I gained control, but I didn’t gain control fast enough before hitting the accelerator too hard and backing out of the garage before the door was lifted, smashed through it, up an embankment, through a fence. I got the car under control and stopped. We all laughed nervously, but knew we had to get the hell out of there! I drove the car forward, which tore out even more of the fence, dragging parts of it with the car, but falling off as we drove.

We moved fast down a dirt road that seemed to be part of a park, not really designed for a car, crashing over tree roots, and ruts in the road, until I lost control of the car and ran it up the side of a steep bank. Exasperated, we all got out of the car, but as we did, we noticed the police were already nearby at some crime scene or accident. The police had barely noticed our accident, but the noise did catch their attention. A couple of them moved in our direction.

Instead of running, we all remained calm as the police approached. I leaned against the car and remember maneuvering my hands behind my back in some weird fashion. The policemen questioned me, but I don’t remember the conversation. They nodded their contentment at whatever our conversation was, and we walked away… but the car was not behind me anymore!

Somehow, I had condensed the car into two portable, shiny, black, square cases, with silver handles, and we walked off with our crashed car all packaged up discreetly.

As we walked through the park, some kind of relief was settling in and we didn’t seem to be concerned about being chased. We came across a store (something like a 7-11) and went in to get some refreshments. At the check out, there was a box with an egg in it; something a bit like a Kinder Egg, or a big Cadbury Egg, with the wrapping torn back. It was the “sample” package so you could check out what the egg did.

I lifted the wrapper and the egg “talked” in a kind of “White-Girl-Valley-Girl” dialect, saying things like, “OMIGAWD!” and “FOR SHURRR” and other silly things. I rolled my eyes, but laughed, too. The thing is, it was a real egg… a giant, hard-boiled egg. Peeling and lifting the shell and wrapper caused the egg to “talk” out these phrases, and then you could eat it, I guess.

Anyway, I have no idea from where that diversion came in my dreaming, but we left and continued with a sense of relief, walking to the edge the park. I remember thinking it was all over… at least, for now.

And then: darting out from my side, Spyder took off across the park. She had seen a squirrel or something in the distance. Another dog shot out from behind us, too, and ran as fast as Spyder… directly toward a 4-lane street with speeding cars. The other dog ran into the street, first, and was hit immediately, his body thrown into the air and slamming down, with a horrible, but short, painful yelp. Spyder ran out into the traffic, too, all the while my screaming, “Spyder! SPYDER!!!” and in the middle of the street, she seemed to hear me and turn around to come back… but not fast enough.

She was hit by a car, but not thrown into the air; instead she was dragged under the car and rolled. She was wailing the entire time and all I could say, over and over and over, was “Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god.” In the distance, in the middle of the road, she now lay… silent.

But then she got up! She got up, limping at first, then picking up a slight gallop, trying to return to me. I kept saying the “oh my god” over and over as she neared, terrified of what injuries she may have. She was panting and wagging her tail, but clearly in pain. One side of her body was wet, but I couldn’t tell if it was blood or water. I kept thinking about internal bleeding, even if her bones weren’t broken.

I reached down to touch Spyder, to hold her, and she collapsed, exhausted. I was confused as to whether she was seriously injured or not, but I was so glad she was just ALIVE.


I was still saying, “oh my god…” and crying heavily in the dream, as I awakened this morning… and found Spyder curled up on the floor, but with her chin resting on my arm as I slept on the couch, just looking at me. I hugged her immediately and scratched her in the ways she loves to be scratched… she softly closed her eyes and showed her contentment.

The main themes I have had in dreams over the years do seem to be rooted in “cat and mouse chases,” “apocalyptic catastrophes and disasters,” and “brutal murders or accidents.”

What is UP with that?!

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