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I have chills. CHILLS, I say! Note that this excerpt is from 2004!!! Full post is in the link, but this excerpt is the amazing, AMAZING, relevant part! Well, at least it is to me… Part of why I keep a blog is to document these very things. If I had not had this documented, I would never have realized that some part of me “knew” about an event that would happen THREE YEARS later!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I dreamt last night that I had discovered a new love for someplace in Europe, but I am not sure where I was. I have never been to Europe in my waking life. I was much younger in my dream, which has never happened before. I always dream of me as either non-age specific or my current age, but in this dream I was just about 20 years old. Apparently, I had gone to this place in Europe, then had left to go back to the States. I guess I had just returned again to Europe and had worked really hard to be able to come back. I vaguely think there was someone there whom I had fallen in love with and had vowed to return to him, but now I couldn’t find him. I remember walking down this lovely, quiet street and feeling so alone, but so happy to be back at the same time.

All I can say is… WOW. What the fuck part of me knew THIS PARTICULAR story about my life THREE YEARS before it happened!??? This isn’t the first time this has happened, but it is always chilling to me. This is the first time I have browsed back through my blog in a long time.

The irony is that this entry was three days after Nick dumped me in 2004.

Seems I was already looking for Jip in three years in advance, and feeling the loss.

NOTE: I’m not done reading through my archives, but a couple of days later in that year, I have a post about my having a dream about sharp pains in my chest, having to massage my chest to help relieve it, and being told by someone that my “heart had been scarred.” I wonder if this relates to the pneumonia.


2 thoughts on “Why I Keep A Blog”

  1. I totally think that’s awesome. I fancy me to be somewhat of a precognitive songwriter myself.

    Many things that have wound up happeneing in my life, and the lives of others close to me have been writen about in songs I wrote (or did I??) years ago.

    One came to me in a dream. I woke up with the lyrics and the whole melody in my head. I recorded it that morning on a pair of heaphones. But it told the story of my best friend/ love at the time.

    I guess that’s wasn’t a good example, but there was one about another friend who would lose a job and then there was a song that I subconsciously wrote about – you guessed it…
    that focus group stuff.

    We’ll share in further detail in a non-public forum.
    email me @ sharpster7@gmail.com
    I have to run. Thank you for being you.


  2. Wow this is amazing, I often have reoccuring dreams where I’m performing the most amazing original songs, I even wake up sometimes singing the words. we must have been poets or something in a former life. Time to get re-gressed me thinks.

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