vlog: Tiny Love

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Yes, I am officially now one of “those” people who post videos of bunnies! LOL! So what. These are my new members of the family. YAY! They have no names, yet, but after getting to know each other, the names will come.

WARNING: if you hate bunnies or are bored by cuteness, do not watch! Your eyes will burn out of your head!

vlog: Tiny Love from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “vlog: Tiny Love”

  1. She’s ‘Saucy’ to go with the ‘Sage’, dang this was a wonderful christmas eve treat, Troy, with all the re-birth energies with the bunnies…and more related to that!!!
    – got some good news in that Al got a new hd tv arriving soon and he wants you to have the tv and dvd player from before to add to your new ‘from scratch’ apt we watched the other day. let us know your new address privately to send it. DaV said he could send it on his work account and he has something to offer to your house-warming as well. Let us know it is ok.
    Happy a’new Spirit to you in this loving season and a Great ’08, bro! – the in appreciation Suzanne, serving tea from China

  2. How absolutely adorable, Troy!
    My sister had a roommate once that had a bunny, and it ate the buttons off the tv remote! So you might want to watch out for that. 😉
    Hope ya’ll live happily ever after! :-)
    Lisa C

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