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Well, it’s now 2008 and my rebuilding of life and heart and home are still in the works. Thanks to all of my friends for help in that rebuilding, and in this vlog, you will see Cyprus’ Christmas gift to me featured prominently as COLOR!! She gave me all the paint I needed to paint the apartment! It’s not done, but the video shows the latest updates. YAY!

I love color, especially in the home, and if I could live inside a cartoon, I would, but until then, I color my world like one.

Oh, and I’m really excited about this year. Along with Bush’s finally exiting office (THANK THE LORD ON HIGH! – though i predict he may create an unprecedented extension of office), I also turn 40 years old in 10 days!

Good Lord! FORTY! WOW.

I had sent out a nice invitation to all of my friends and acquaintances for a nice little happy hour for this Saturday, only to find out that my friends had already started planning a surprise birthday party!! I ruined the surprise! In all of my years of birthdays, there has only been one that I didn’t plan, myself. I am really surprised (hardy har) that they didn’t take that into account!

Well, even though I ruined the surprise, it was still a surprise and I am very excited to turn 40!

Below is an updated video tour of my apartment, which I always nick name “Imagination’s Playground,” and though it’s still bare, it sure is BRIGHT!

Below THAT is a fun little romp through some bonus bunny footage, which includes SLO-MO REPLAYS!!


vlog: Onwards and Upwards from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.

bonus vlog: Fluffy Bunnies EVERYWHERE! from CocteauBoy on Vimeo.

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