Introducing: CocteauBoyTV!

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Many of you know this, but I bet a LOT of you don’t REALLY know this, but I am a Channel. There, I said it. I channel for a living (a meager living, but it’s my income, nonetheless). I go into a trance and I speak for an Entity named Michael. I know it sounds weird and I know it’s unusual, but that’s just because it just IS weird. I know that. Hence my not being so open and sharing about it.

I have lived a long life in my metaphysical closet, straddling two very different worlds: my inner world and my outer world; my mundane human life and my higher self’s spiritual life. I’ve always felt comfortable with that division because there is a place for both in my life. After almost dying last year, though, I am inspired to bring about a wholeness to myself in a way I might have unintentionally avoided all of my life. Keeping those two worlds separated, I effectively kept myself from integrating two very important facets of me.

It’s funny because my friends who know me socially really never have to deal with my spiritual nature because it’s not important for me to share it in that context unless it comes up, so when they are exposed to it, it’s all treated very lightly and playfully, even becoming great fodder for making affectionate fun of me. Conversely, people who know me through my work as a channel can sometimes be shocked at the level of humanness I can display and it can be disconcerting because I “should know better,” being this spiritual channel and all.

I never hid either of my worlds, but I did manage them, navigating carefully, thoughtfully, and drawing from both as necessary, but never truly merging them.

I’m done living like that.

I am launching two new channels on YouTube this month: CocteauBoyTV and TruthLoveEnergyTV. Both are focused on my owning and integrating my life as a professional channel, author, counselor, and teacher. CocteauBoyTV is just my life as a channel and I will be sharing my experiences with that, even sharing how you can use channeling in your own life. TruthLoveEnergyTV will be videos of my channeling for groups in New York City, along with a couple of series focusing on introducing the Basics of The Michael Teachings, and several advanced concepts.

Below is my first episode: INNER AND OUTER SCIENCE for CocteauBoyTV. Even though I am embedding the video here, please pop over to YouTube and leave a comment, feedback, ratings, and SUBSCRIBE! YAY! I’m done being shy about all of this.

Almost dying can put a lot of things into perspective and I am ready to embrace all of my life as a whole creation. I’m ready to allow myself to promote myself and my work because when my book gets published, I won’t be able to hide and I don’t want to be shocked when I am Oprah talking to the masses about my work (hee hee, i can dream, too, right?)

Well, enjoy and thank you for any support you offer!

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  1. And it’s not even National Coming Out Day… LOL Bravo!

    Very interesting… Whenever you’re involved in the paranormal world, life can be interesting. :)

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