Michael Speaks: February 2008

Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes

In the interest of continuing my merge of worlds both spiritual and mundane, I am posting to my personal blog the latest Energy Report from the Entity, Michael, through me. The Energy Report is a kind of look at the movement of energies and consciousness across the planet as created by all of us, collectively. If you think of consciousness and energy as moving like weather patterns, this is just a look at the weather for February and part of March!

If you don’t understand the terminology, just check out the BASIC INTRO button at http://www.TruthLoveEnergy.com Even if some of the terminology seems foreign, there is enough in here that might resonate with you!


Energy Report: Feb & Mar 2008

As January gave way to February we noticed an emphasis on the Moving Part of the Emotional Center as it mixed with the energies of the King and Growth, creating a general wavering of footing, stability, and sense of direction. Not all fragments are experiencing this disorientation, but many of our students are not so physically-oriented or grounded and the beginning of this year may have activated dormant aspects of the body, with external demands running high for many. This kind of external demand without a sense of inspiration can lead to many faltering movements, bitter responses to demands, and general collapses of energy.

(for more information about the 2008 Overleaves, see this entry)

This sudden shift to such external demand has left many of our students, and Older Souls in general, to fall into random exhaustion, constant struggle to have peaceful sleep, intense procrastination, literal stumbles and falls, objects crashing, breaking, and dropping on and around homes, often from great heights; an inability to gauge physical necessities such as dosages, food and liquid intake, energy usage, distances; and a general awkwardness in the body. Even companion animals may have suddenly called upon your need for actions through illnesses, wounds, and deaths, bringing to light the lack of inspiration in your movements and presence in the physical world.

All of these events seem to us to have the ability for helping to address the areas between the internal you and the external you. In fact: the extent to which any of you have had these struggles is the extent to which there is a gap between who you see yourself to be versus who you are in the world. Put another way: it could be said that these events are the playing out of the contradictions between WHO you are vs HOW you are. For some of you we would say that all of this is simply a way for you to address the distance between what you want vs what you are doing to get what you want. However specific we can get, the emphasis still seems to remain on the space/distance between the internal and external.

Most of what we have described above is an effect that may be most familiar to those who do not use the Moving Center very effectively or among those with very little emphasis on the Action Axis of the Overleaves, along with those who block or resist Inspiration, assuming Inspiration is something that should come TO you, rather than be generated as a result of you; but of course we do not limit these effects to only these fragments.

February will have brought about an emphasis on this lack of direction, resistance to external demands and needs of others, and general poor management of energy, but March appears to bring with it an emphasis on putting these realizations to work, creating a bridge between the internal and external, implementing a workable plan, organizing a path, and “getting busy” for the year ahead.

Many took on the new surge of this energy moving through the new year with grand enthusiasm, but with little structure or inspiration and they “short-circuited” themselves before getting a chance to gain footing in that enthusiasm. March has the potential for bringing about that sense of stability and direction again as you (if you choose) use what you learned about yourself during February.

When Growth is an emphasis, whether as a Goal for a lifetime or as a description of energy “in the air,” it becomes important to create meaning in the life, in experiences, and in relationships. Along with Meaning is a great need for Structure, or Direction. Without Meaning, Structure, and Direction (evolution), it is easy to fall into Confusion, turning to sedation, procrastination, agitation, etc. as a way to funnel the waves of energy washing through and over the life that now seemingly have no point. We assure you: there is always a point that can be found to your days, your life, your experiences, your relationships, your existence. To assume that point is to be defined by anyone other than you is how one “gets lost” in life.

With Perseverance Mode moving into emphasis as March unfolds, even more emphasis on the external world may rise for you and this may either exaggerate your extremes of energy or finally bring about a focus so that the work you choose to do in your life can be done.

Keep in mind that with an Emotionally-Centered year, spills, bursts, localized flooding, and other watery disasters might have high potential for manifesting. With the Moving Part of the Emotional Center emphasized, it might indicate a continued spattering of these instances on a regular basis until there is a collective sense of inspired direction.

Key Phrases for February and March might be:







Both the middle of February and of March appear to be pivotal days (approximately the 13th through 16th of each) wherein the emphasis might be considered a “slap in the face,” or a “wake up call” to the importance of YOUR participation and effort in your life. We would encourage awareness of your experiences during those days as many of you may discover some key elements that have been missing in regard to your experience of having a body in physical space and time as this relates to your sense of effectiveness, presence, and purpose.


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