The World Will (maybe) Change in 5 Days

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WARNING: psychic and metaphysical mumbo jumbo post, so if you already have a distaste for that sort of thing, I would stop reading here or you will just think I am more bonkers than you already think I am. Otherwise, enjoy!

I wasn’t going to post anything about this, but then I came across this blog entry and now I’m really floating in a weird, ominous space about it. I don’t know if you have to be a friend of that person to read the entry, but if you can’t read it, it’s basically a recount of a personal experience that ties directly into dreams and premonitions I have been having over the past month or so.


First, some background:

As you know, I am a channel and I have worked with “the dead” and psychic/intuitive phenemona for most of my life in some way. If you don’t know my history, remind me to share it with you sometime. After I moved to New York City, I realized that I could not stay in the same kind of psychic mode that I had always allowed myself to have while growing up. For some reason, living among so many people made it very difficult to function on that level. I was exposed to so much “psychic junk” or “mud” that it would literally weigh me down by the end of the day. Gummy, grey and pink stickiness stretched from person to person and it became very difficult to discern the living from the dead among the crowds of people. And then, of course, I started dating and I began to develop even more of a shyness about my work than I had growing up. So it became practical to begin shut that part of my psyche down. To understand what this was like for me, you would just kind of stare straight ahead in any room and focus on what you see in front of you, even though you KNOW there is more beyond your peripheral vision. The more focused you get, the blurrier the peripherals get, but at any point that you want to turn your attention (inwardly or outwardly) to another focus, you can easily do so. It’s not like the rest of the room disappeared, but that you just stopped focusing on it. So… that’s what I’ve done most of my life. I compartmentalized that skill of intuition and channeling to a very specific context and turned it off as best I could in my “normal” everyday life.

Last month I went home to Indiana after a visit to Chicago. It never dawned on me that my ability to ignore my psychic side of my brain was fairly dependent on the environment in which I existed. In New York City, if I am just going about my business, it really is hard to tell if I’ve seen a spirit or a physical person because people just become objects that you navigate. Sure, I sometimes do a double-take and then a cringing inner d’oh! when I see someone crouching in the corner in an ATM vestibule and I realize it’s a wandering soul. Just like when you accidentally catch the eye of anyone you don’t mean to engage, it becomes an awkward experience and I have to deal with it except with the dead that can sometimes last for days. It doesn’t happen very often, thank goodness.

So while I was in Indiana where there is tons of space and fields and highways and corn, imagine my shock as I am speeding along on the back of a motorcycle and a person steps out from the cornfield ahead. My initial reaction was to prepare for a smile and a nod as I zoomed past, but then he “shimmered” (I really don’t know how exactly to explain that) and I thought, “Shit! He’s dead!” and sure enough his presence faded as we neared, but I knew he knew I had seen him. Luckily I was speeding on and didn’t have a chance to get tangled up in that energy. Again, I don’t know exactly how to explain that, but in my experience most spirits seem to root themselves within a very small geographic location and don’t really go beyond that, which is why a house is “haunted,” or certain parts of a large structure or piece of land. There is a reason they are still hanging around or echoing in space and time like that and it’s usually associated with people and places from which energy is drawn for all kinds of reasons. However, I also know that if one notices that you can see them, they can willingly shift attention to entangle with you and you can’t just shut a door to get away. You have to talk and see if you can help. And sometimes you can, and sometimes you can’t. It might seem very anti-Hollywood that I don’t make it a big purposeful endeavor to help all of these people/spirits, but you really can only do so much. Imagine living in New York City and feeling obligated to help every homeless, drug-addicted, broken person you came across. If you focus on who you can help, you can help a lot, but if you spread yourself out, you lose effectiveness and power to help at all. So, I help when I can, which is rarer than I would like it to be. Some people have a LOT to work through before leaving and I learned a long time ago that you can’t “rescue” a person from himself, whether living or dead.

So after spending 10 days in all of this open space and not being able to ignore this part of my brain (or whatever it is), I came back to New York City with all of my senses on high. It felt good, actually. I forgot that I appreciated that part of me so much and left myself open. And then my apartment became crowded with spirits. Like a bug zapper in the dark, when the dead hear/see that someone from the other side (for lack of a better phrase) is available, they can flock to that sense of light. A lot of people think it’s something cool (or crazy) to be able to see the dead, but it’s just as rare for the dead to see the living, too. Apparently it takes two. A conduit is very important and I’m not really sure what that conduit is, but I’ve suspected it’s an emotional energy, a perception that bypasses the biased intellectual filters to a form of resonance. But I digress.

At first this crowding was okay because I am fascinated by all of it and I thought I would judge it later, but see what came of it. As usual, my space (psychically and physically) just kind of acted as a spiritual lounge for people to catch their breath (figuratively), grieve, rest, and then move on. I don’t know why it works like that, but it does. Maybe someday I will explore that further, now that I am learning to own that part of my life again, but I assume it has something to do with the validation and acceptance that physical life was “real,” and that this after-death is just as real. Dying must be like waking up from a really deep dream and for some people that waking up takes a while, especially if they want to remember as much from that dream as possible. So most moved along, but some lingered and those that lingered have done so for a reason.

Which brings me to the present:

Apparently, something is stirring in the probabilities for our future on a pretty large scale and a few spirits are very concerned and trying to make a difference by doing all they can to share that insight with those of us who can pick it up, and any number of other ways I can’t think of. In my case, it’s been pretty direct information, even though I have done all I could to ignore it up until now.

There is a lot of static, sharp and crackling, in the energy/air and it keeps getting worse. I’ve had a very hard time working and focusing and part of it is because of that level of rising interference. It’s like a cacophony of chatter that is anxious and almost desperate for communication. I’ve also had several dreams that had me waking up nearly paralyzed and breathing rapidly and heavily. All of them having to do with awful future scenarios and probabilities. I’ve ignored them, not spoken about them because, my god, what I am I supposed to do with it! I don’t know how to make a difference. And no matter how valid or meaningful or tangible my experiences are with spirits and dreams and psychic phenomenon, I always question whether it’s my imagination, my creativity, a malfunction in perception and interpretation… I don’t know. But then I saw that blog entry and it really scared me, so I thought it should at least go on record, however embarrassing it is to share it, that we might be in for a big ride over the end of this year.

In my dreams, I have seen several different scenarios:

1. I saw Ohio and New York hit by attacks related somehow to Russia. Why Ohio and New York, I have no idea.
2. I saw glowing, burning highlights on a large calendar for the dates of August 25th through 28th.
3. I saw an assassination attempt on Obama’s life.
4. I saw random, rampant explosions of riot and attacks on various levels of society that seemed to help bring it all to a halt as way to either make a point, or to completely overhaul the direction in which we are going and to shape it to a small groups’ ideals.
5. I saw Bush declaring Martial Law and extending his office beyond his terms.
6. I saw an eventual assassination attempt on Bush’s life.

I’m known for having apocalyptic dreams, so it’s not surprising to me that I kind of brushed these aside, but now I feel it’s important to document them, especially since I realized that the Denver Democratic convention is August 25th through the 28th. That already freaked me out, but then I read that blog entry and even if it’s a bogus entry, I was shaken by it’s parallel to my private experience.

There are SO MANY reasons I can come up with to help me dismiss all of this. It’s not a new concept that Bush might extend his office and it’s not an unusual concern about Obama’s life considering the potential for our having our first (half-)Black President and our having such an undercurrent of ignorance and racism among middle-americans. I always have epic dreams. It could be a coincidence that I dreamt those dates and that the Denver convention is on those days. It could be that my imagination has gone into overdrive and that there is something completely different happening with my abilities and those have just triggered deep fears and concerns.

Now, the spirits hanging around, I have no problem accepting and claiming as “real” in my experience because that’s just been a part of my life for a long time and I’ve had my proof (like looking up the bio’s or obituaries of those who told me their stories). But the predictive, doomsday element is not familiar to me at all. I find predictions to be pretty useless and especially when they have a doomsday bent, but I’ve also never had this happen to me so strongly, so…

I’m just going on record. Owning it. And MAYBE others have had similar senses, experiences, or even just fears… maybe just bringing the fears to the surface can save our future. Rather than fester into a serious issue among all of our psyches, maybe all we need to do is candidly bring it to the surface for air and let it go?

Maybe that’s all it is.

If not, then make sure you have bottled water, canned goods, and flashlights stocked in your homes… yeesh!

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  1. Wow Troy. I have no doubts in your ability to communicate beyond this plane. Still this is very specific. I know Michael does not predict and so I have to assume these are all valid posibilities rather than predictions. I don’t know Christian and will not try to judge his experience. I guess I am glad I rarely remember my dream.
    All I can think just now is that I will try to hold positive thoughts and evergies at the front of my conciousness in the weeks ahead
    Thanks for sharing this.

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