I Am Voting Obama (and i’m not happy about it)

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Well, the Obama speech is over and no assassination attempt, thank goodness. Yes, they did thwart a ring of bumbling fools who were planning an attempt, but I’m not sure if those were the people I dreamt about. I don’t think so. I expect whomever I dreamt about is a lot more intelligent and organized than those meth fools. I’m still keeping my feelers out there… I don’t think we are in the clear by any means.

I hate that I am posting that

The Obama acceptance of nomination (by acclamation) was historic. I am amazed and thrilled. But my heart’s just not in it. I want so much to feel on board with this huge experience… but I can’t. The significance of this historic event is drowned out by my distaste for all of the hype, the blind faith, the religiousness, the inane and cloying adulation… the reduction of politics down to an American Idol competition and the reduction of candidates down to the simple mindedness of a choice between the contrived “coolness” of owning a Mac or the manufactured utilitarian, “boring practicality” of owning a PC. This should be one of the most important, historic events of our lives, and it’s become nothing but another wave of sheep flocking to what has been marketed as cooler and more popular. Watching the Tweets pour in during Obama’s speech tonight made me cringe more than anything as everyone wrote of chills, tears, inspiration, and sexiness (yes, sexiness).

I just. Don’t. Get it.

some of us are not so swayed by marketing tactics

Yes, we need to get the Republicans out of control over everything. Yes, they have made a mess of the world. Yes, they would continue to spiral us into a world most of us do not want to experience.

And THAT’s why I will be voting for Obama. Not because Obama is a good candidate. If you were to change the color of his skin, he would be no different from any other religious, pandering politician we’ve ever had. He brings NOTHING new to the table, except skin color, which is, I admit, a hugely significant thing, but come on… he is not the rockstar messiah everyone is making him out to be.

Are you people for real?

Obama’s position in politics right now is a result of many people suffering over many years to get to where we are today. HE did not have a thing to do with that! In fact, BUSH has done more to secure Obama’s position than Obama, himself!

Oh, and it drives me batty that he is compared to Martin Luther King. WHAT? I’m not even going to go there. To compare the two is an insult to history and to intelligence.

I’m happy to see what he might have in store for us in the years ahead. Let’s talk THEN about what he’s done, but let’s have some maturity here and not be slathering praise on someone who has done nothing but be a typical Democrat and happens to be (part) Black.

Because of Obama’s slow slither from being a “Candidate of Change” into being just another candidate, especially with the Biden announcement, a lot of votes for the Democratic Party have been lost. There are a lot of legitimate arguments against voting for Obama, many with which I agree. I’ve always been on the fence over Obama, and with the Biden announcement, I was convinced he’d lost my vote. After hearing Obama’s policies on Gay Marriage and his biblical stances to justify his patronizing homophobia, I was sickened that he is now our only option.

But he’s not. So I decided to vote for the Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney.

That lasted for a day.

Because, ultimately, it’s not about getting into office our candidate of choice (UNFORTUNATELY), but about keeping another one out. If we don’t vote for Obama, we lose a lot more than our sense of choice right now… we might literally lose our right to choose a lot of things if McCain gets into office.

See… if McCain wins, it’s not just a President who will come into control, but his appointments into seats within the Supreme Court will outlast his office, and the control and impact from that is far greater than our having to grit our teeth and vote for Obama when we wish we didn’t feel like we HAVE to. If McCain gets into office, I might never have a chance to vote for anyone beyond the two parties. If Obama gets in, we have a chance to extend our understanding beyond what we have been spoonfed.

are you people for real?

Some of the Obama worshippers are really hostile and angry (frighteningly so) about anyone who doesn’t support him, but I think it’s just that some people want to retain some semblance of thinking for themselves. We ALL do not WANT an iPhone or a Mac, no matter how cool tv has told us we will be. Or… even if we want one, we want to choose when we are ready, not just because you told us that we should. To express hostility, hatred, and even violence toward those who are anti-Obama, or even on the fence, defeats and contradicts the very reasons you claim to support Obama.

I feel nauseated that I have to vote for Obama. I feel like I am betraying every right I have as an individual to choose whom *I* think is the right person, right party. Politics have now become reduced to an American Idol showcase with a “rock star” finalist. The mentality behind the peer pressure has reduced politics to high school cliques and outcasts.

If you want more Democratic people to vote for Obama, then use educational tactics, conversation, exchange of ideals… but puffing yourself up by ridiculing, berating, hating, belittling, and rejecting those who are just not buying in to the hype is not going to help anybody or anything. In fact, YOU are doing far more to secure McCain’s election than any Democratic anti-Obama could do, because you are nailing the nails into the coffin of choice. If you would just pose a fair argument, a legitimate consideration, then I’m sure we could get more people on board.

I have to admit: I don’t like Obama. I think we are going to have ourselves a megalomaniac in the White House, even more self-righteous than W, and even more pandering and zealous than we can begin to imagine. We have not seen the extent to which a Christian zealot can make life hell for those who don’t align with that belief. He’s already flippantly doing it to the GLBT community, even as they worship the scraps of patronizing he tosses to us.

But even that’s not why he almost lost my vote.

It’s because of YOU: The hyper-sheep who say to vote for him “just because.”
Because of YOU: the same people who stand in line for an iPhone.
Because of YOU: the same people who think that New York City is exactly how Sex and The City portrays it.
Because of YOU: the person whose news comes from MTV
Because of YOU: the bored White person with no sense of personal meaning who thinks he/she is being so heroic in your political correctness in voting for a Black person.
Because of YOU: the person who wants to impose his choice upon me through shaming me
Because of YOU: the privileged hipster who feigns political bent, but are only doing it because it’s “in.”

sad little sheep… for a PHONE?

For the same reason I stay away from the Mac cult, I wanted to stay away from the Obama cult, because I just don’t want to look like you. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to seem as unthinking and as vulnerable to marketing hype as you do.

Obama is not the next messiah and most people who are turning against him are doing so because of the bullying, superficial marketing tactics, and the sheep-minded mentality that is following him.

None of this is enough to sway me toward losing everything to the Republicans, though, so don’t worry. And if you relate to this post at all, I beg you to consider voting for Obama for the same reasons I am.


I’m voting Obama.

But I’m not happy about it.

Next election, we’ll talk again.


I’m not talking about all of you who support Obama. Many of you are wonderful and appreciated and have made some moving points to me, which helped me to feel I am making the best decision I can make. I’m passing along your effects… and for you iPhone and Mac users, calm down. I’m sure you are not one of THOSE users, right?

10 thoughts on “I Am Voting Obama (and i’m not happy about it)”

  1. You pinpointed something here that I was unable to name about why this whole thing unnerves me. The cultish mentality…. but different. Almost like all the fervor is about “what we are gonna get” when Obama is Prez. What we are lacking is some soul. Maybe a little less ego? I don’t see that anywhere in his hooplah.

  2. I think there is a LOT of soul in this, but you are right: it is drowned out by the din of blind worshiping of a person who hasn’t done much of anything besides be part-Black Democrat. The ironic prejudice in this is staggering.

    Also, the chanting of cliches over and over again makes people think a candidate IS the catchy cliche… but, come on… “hope?” “change?” Doesn’t most ANYONE fit that bill after Bush’s reign?


    There is a cult of personality here that’s just distasteful to some of us.

    But I plan to keep my wits about me and hang in there through the crushing mob mentality and I hope I contribute to a better America with my vote for Obama.

  3. Oh my God, you said it all beautifully! I could kiss you! And then, I’ll kiss you again! I swear mentally we’re on the same page.

    Well, except for the whole MAC diss. I mean really, I am cool.

  4. TO RYAN: HA! My head’s all wet now from smooches! Awwww!

    Yeah, I’m not dissin’ Mac users or iPhone users or Apple users… just THOSE users. (you know who i’m talkin’ ’bout.)



  5. To Mary:
    you are too funny. i know, i know, i get all passionate, but i do try to keep my wits about me in the end. i like to honor my whacked out speculations, overreactions, sensitivities, and then funnel all of that energy into a real-life solution.

    do you think i did okay?


  6. this just goes to show how free we’re not. 2 choices that’s IT! It’s not fair and is perhaps the biggest hypocrisy there is in the country.
    I don’t see the freedom in picking the lesser of two evils. The evil perpetuated by the sycophant followers that just want to be lied to.
    I remember seeing a democratic town hall meeting just before the start of the primaries. All of the candidates were pretty much saying what everyone wanted to hear–including golden boy. Hilary basically laid it out straight when asked what she would do. She didn’t sugar coat anything or say what they wanted to hear. She stated that there was something called a congress and in order to get ANYTHING done we had to work with them. That set off an enormous round of booing.
    so whatever. Until we have a system that allows more than two parties to make their case equally, we’re just going to have the same shit from both sides. I’m sure there’s probably a right wing version of you somewhere bemoaning Grandpa Munster and Caligula.

    from GA

    P.S. All those idiots sitting in the rain waiting for those iphones got a nasty sucker punch the next month when Apple lowered all the prices, i wonder what will happen when Obama gets elected and they find out all those promises won’t be able to be kept.

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