We Have To Start Thinking

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I really feel uncomfortable to feel it necessary to promote this, but unless there is evidence against the claims and information shared in these interviews and movies, we really need to wake up, be prepared, and brace ourselves for a huge revolution that seems to be more and more inevitable.

Take your time and really make a concerted effort to understand just what is being presented in these videos. It is terrifying and upsetting, but if we don’t wake up, we are in big trouble. Burying our heads in the sand (or in our iPods and iPhones) will not make our lives better.

If you can counter the claims presented here, please do so. This is some tough stuff to contemplate. Take your time. But please… DO take the time.

25 minute interview with Naomi Wolf
the most important 2 hours you will have spent in your recent years

What to do?
We have to reach critical mass in our understanding and efforts together. Please. Please make the time to learn, to think, and to do. Our future, our humanity, and peace on earth are depending on us.


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