Oprah Episode: My Response

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Okay, I just finished watching the Oprah episode and I am embarrassed I even considered that she might actually try to make a difference and even more embarrassed that I encouraged people to watch it. The entire episode dismissed the concept of anti-slavery (veganism/vegetarianism) as some sort of personal, religious preference and not a no-brainer step in evolution and as a solution to the suffering of animals. Big DUH on that one, people. This must be what the abolitionists of the past must have felt like while watching morons discuss more efficient forms of enslaving Blacks. The solution is compassion and freedom. NOT a few more inches of chain or cage. Some bitch even went so far as to showcase how “humanely” she raises VEAL! And described it as doing so “the way mother nature intended.” WHAT!!! These are monsters. Who in their right mind could possibly think that depriving a baby of nutrients, forcing them into anemic states to keep their muscles from forming, is some part of “mother nature’s” intention!

People really suck sometimes. Really suck.

Oprah = FAIL!

2 thoughts on “Oprah Episode: My Response”

  1. Don’t feel so bad.
    Sure I blame you for making me dvr Oprah.
    Sure I blame you for allowing her to not discuss what you wanted.
    And yes, I blame you for the Republicans.

    but we can discuss this at my favorite steak house here in NYC…oh wait, …nevermind.

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