Assassination Plots

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Several weeks ago, before the DNC, I had a huge influx of psychic static that led me to be very concerned about a potential assassination of Obama. In addition to my psychic static, I suddenly found that a fellow MySpacer had been privy to a band of people on their way to DNC to do just that. So I was very worried. During the DNC, a handful of fools were arrested for plotting the assassination. I was convinced that this was not what I had sense was on the horizon and that these were just some doofus middle-american ass-wipes with guns. The sense I had was of a fairly elaborate network planning this, not these dorks.

But who knows… these could have been the planned patsies who bumbled the whole plan and ruined the more elaborate plan?

By the way, the reason I call this “psychic static” is because it wasn’t like a clear sense or some kind of distinct information; it was more like… static. Like an electrical charge with tons of bits of information that hadn’t taken form. It was really unnerving and I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I wrote about it. After the fact, I suspect this energy was some kind of charge created from among a lot of people who are consciously or unconsciously anxious about this possibility. It would be devestating. Another suspicion, of course, is that it was just my own static and anxiousness, but I’ve had years and years of self-exploration regarding these types of experiences, so I was recognizing this as something far more than just my concerns. But I’m not above it having just been my over-active imagination.

So the reason I’m writing about this again is because yet another assassination plan was unraveled in the past day or so. This one was pretty elaborately-planned and is closer to what I had sensed was in the works, but… I’m reporting in that I’m pretty sure this is STILL not what I had sensed.

I’m beginning to wonder if the “static” was less about conscious or unconscious anxiety and more about the fact that there is an electrical storm of tiny, idiotic, puffed up plans coming in from all over the country, churning up from small groups and tiny minds everywhere. I am beginning to see this option as being pretty fair to consider.

I’m also wondering if these busts will lull American public into a false sense of trust in the forces that will make sure this doesn’t happen… I don’t know. But I’m still uneasy.

I haven’t had any experiences again like I did in that week before the DNC. No static. No swarms of disembodied presences… I’m back to the normal, random sightings, nothing unusual (for me).

I just thought I’d chime in about this recent bust. From what I understand, there isn’t even any evidence to support the boasts of these goons. Just a lot of talk…

That’s another issue I wonder about: as much as I despise these people with violent plans and hateful talk, are we now imprisoning people based only on speech? This could be a big problem for our future, if that’s the case.

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