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As a citizen of the United States and as someone who feels the importance of standing for equality and rights for all people, I invite each of you to take part in THE NATIONAL DAY OF PROTESTS across America against Prop 8.

This is not just a Gay Rights issue, but a CIVIL RIGHTS issue.

FOUR States have written in to Constitutional Law the identification and categorizing of a specific group of people having less rights than other groups. Even if it might not affect you directly, it is still important to stand in support because your group could be next. This removal of the rights for minorities cannot be tolerated.

We fought this kind of crap in the ’60s when Blacks were LEGALLY identified as sub-human, and had no rights to marry, or to marry outside of their race, even suffering the wrath of religious condemnation as “Immoral.” Now that seems absurd and archaic. Yet it’s happening again. THIS is no different.

And just because this is not as public as a fight for the right to vote, does not mean this is a matter to dismiss. In fact, this is more insidious because these laws are reaching into the private lives of individuals and taking their rights away and exercising control over the most intimate levels of life.

PLEASE come out and stand for equality, Saturday, November 15th across the United States.

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If you have a cam and a mic, PLEASE join the conversation at SEESMIC:

National Day of Protest against H8

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